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🌓 Hope that is right Jinx x reading a lot about the Blue Moon two more to go l am told and the strange sky – posted on my main news last night – portent of doom or other thought l would ask an expert ?

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I have done that published instead of draft I now schedule before typing to prevent that happening regards Ian

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24314535_BG1Sequoya (c. 1770-1843)

It happened once again. I was writing a post, had to go out, and obviously hit the “publish” button instead of the “safe draft” button.

Let me read what I have written down.

I’m feeling a little sad today. As you know, I am trying to sell my share of this building, one-ninth, but the co-owners of the building are sending away prospective buyers who may need to take a mortgage. In this building, if a co-owner fails to pay his or her mortgage, making payments becomes the responsibility of the other co-owners. That can be changed.

One must protect oneself, but should a co-owner not be able to pay his or her mortgage, one simply finds a new co-owner because the bigger problem is not being able to sell one’s share. Some of the co-owners of this building are very old. What will they do when they can no longer carry the groceries up three flights of stairs? The…

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يوميات عشق في زمن كان : حين اراك

نادية حرحش

حين أراك
أرى عمرا كان فيه الزمن معك فتيا
آنظر في عينيك
في ذلك المكان البعيد القصي
تلك الضائعة الحائرة المرتبكة المرتعبة
وأجد فيك
مأوى لا يزال رغم قفره جنة نعيم
في عينيك كان يقيني
بأن الحب لشخص قدر
غير مقدر
تنزل الى قاع الجحيم
عشت زمنا
اسمعك بدون كلام
وأرمي نفسي عليك بدون مساس
بعينيك اقول لك ما لا يقال
عشت عمرا
بقيت فيه قدرا
لقصة بدأت بزمن اغتراب
واختارت عزلة ابدية بك
في حب توحدي
لرجل كان من عينيه بداية حياة
تبدأ وتنتهي بخلود
لحب لا يخدشه زمن
ويبقى وجوده خطيئة
ويستمر في زمن
يرقد في عينيك كل زمن

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Nice Paul.

Every soul will taste death…./….Her can ölümü tadacaktır…./….The Noble Qur’an [21:35]

Different Semra nice post 👌


Arthur Ashe semras world


The legendary tennis player and Wimbledon winner Arthur Ashe was about to die of AIDS. He was receiving thousands of letters from his fans all over the world. In one, a fan said: “Why has God chosen you for such aterrible illness?” Arthur Ashe replied as following: “Allover the world, 50 million children begin to play ten-nis, 5 million learn to play tennis, 500,000 learn pro-fessional tennis, 50,000 participate in competitions,5,000 reach the major tournaments, 50 get to play at Wimbledon, 4 reach the semi finals, 2 reach the finals.When I was holding the trophy, I did not ask God “Why me?” So today that I’m in pain why should I say “Why me?

Happiness makes one soft. Hardship gives one strength. Sorrow makes one insane. Defeat makes one humble. Success makes one sparkle, but only God enables us to pursue our path. Never ask God “Why me?”… Whatever will…

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Anxiety in workplace can lead to lower job performance

Iran English Radio

The effect of workplace anxiety on job performance is closely connected to the quality of relationships between employees, their bosses and their co-workers, according to Tasnim news agency quoting a new study…See more:


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