My Holiday in Mesh

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I am trying out the Mesh Gallery as invited by Daily Post Photo Challenge. I don’t use Apple products, that leaves me no options but to use the Mesh Gallery web version and at this moment there is no image caption available in the web version. The Mesh gallery has option to download all images at one go and I am not comfortable by this option. So I do not put high resolution images for the gallery and that caused the screen view is disappointing. Some of my images are available in high resolution at istock by Getty Images with reasonable price. If you want specific image you can get the high resolution version via istock, please don’t bother to download it in my blog.

All images were taken during our holiday. They remind me of things that I love to do during our holiday: scuba diving, other water activities, exploring…

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End Bonded Labor in Pakistan



Forced or bonded labor is the hook to get desperately poor people of the world in a trap of debt.  It is similar to indentured servitude  in our history, but different as the laborer never is able to repay the debt and becomes entangled in a web of of misery while  trying.  This is Pakistan but this happens in India, all through Africa, and other places. People need to be paid a fair wage and be able to start again after paying the debt.  With the many people and places embedded with extreme poverty, it is difficult to say which is the most desperately poor, but Pakistan is near the top of the list. . . . . .. Thanks Judy.

AUG 19 2015, 3:39 AM ET
Humans of New York Raises $2 Million to End Forced Labor in Pakistan
A photographer’s haunting images of…

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Officer of Distinction . .Harjit Singh Sajjan

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Another great story forwarded by Judy!  I have great admiration for  the Sikhs from the Junjab  in India. A few weeks ago, I posted “Don’t Freak, I am a Sikh” and  there are several posts on The Golden Temple in Amritsar and their commitment to feed the poor.  Here is another outstanding Sikh. This time it is about a military man in his adopted country of Canada.

I have heard over and over from Indians who want to come to the United States on  how it is almost impossible.  I hope with all this talk of reorganizing the immigration policy that more Indians are allowed to come. There are so many talented and well educated people who are experts in technology, medicine , engineering, as well as photography and film.   One of my friends in the arts is going to Australia because it is impossible to come the US…

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Response for Anna Dugger

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World map showing the users of the data base that was hacked of Ashley Madison information.

 This is a brief introduction in  case you are not familiar with the huge scandal in the US of the hacking of a site called Ashley Madison which advertised as a post for married people to have affairs, secretly.  But as happens, the site was hacked  and names are being released.  Josh Dugger  is the oldest son of a very conservative Christian family who has  admitted to molesting in his past,  his sisters and some other girls by touching them inappropriately.  Now he is married to Anna and they have 4 children. Josh was outed as having two accounts on Ashley Madison.  This post is brilliant reflection on this sad state of affairs. . . . pun intended!   I am a conservative Christian, and  I agree totally with Jessica ! Thank you Jessica…

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