The Beauty in the Break

Souldier Girl

My broken heart

No longer fears the collision of your sword

For you have forced

the rise of mountains

For you have formed

the depth and curves of roads

Designing a personalized compass

Guiding me home

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Digital Art – When Nature Meet Humans – Portrait #3

Fabulous lost for words


When Nature Meet Humans - Portrait #3 Silver Wave When Nature Meet Humans – Portrait #3 Silver Wave

“WHEN NATURE MEET HUMANS”Digital Portraits Collection
Portrait #3 – Silver Wave –

Today I want to share with you my new Portrait for this Collection. This is Portrait #3 Silver Wave.
I like to continually evolve with my Art and creativity. From years I love to work in Digital finding new ways of visualize and learn while experimenting. I like to work with photos, manipulating images of any kind. I often post my Digital Art .  I made a new gallery for the “Nature Meet Humans Portraits Collection” you can see it here. When I am not working on my Jewelry Designs, and when I am not holding a pencil or a brush, I love to go Digital and Photoshop is my ally. I am using Photoshop from years, for me there are not other software to really compare…

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Santa Cruz 

Added here as well

Souldier Girl

The Santa Cruz Series

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Reality Wednesday 

Nice post added it to your magazine as well here

Souldier Girl

“Men have the drive to provide for their family- it fuels their being. This is something a woman just does not understand”.

-Random Person

Whaaaaat?!! Is this really the belief in current circulation? That is more of a rhetorical question. I am not here to battle or call anyone out. I am here to share about this woman (ah hem…me) and maybe shed some light on dusty minds…

I understand

The drive

The passion

Every pulse of this being

Beating through my breath and body

Is a mama warrior fighting

Forget the ladder

And crush that glass ceiling

Baby, I am outside your window

Scaling that sky scraping building

Full time, part time, side jobs…

One, two, sometimes…

Three jobs

Earning my stripes

Throw my suit in the “provider” fight

So, with all due respect


Yes- I do understand

The drive to provide for my family

For when I…

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It’s that time of the year again

Really nice post reminds me of leaving school in 1970 when l was just 16 now the reverse of that but agree would be nice to know the answers before anyway best of luck at college and thanks for the visit.
My name is Ian and l live in the UK 😀


Back to school soon.. Oh wait I’m starting college! I recently moved to the United kingdom, so starting college in a new country is a whole new experience.

With college starting soon I was reflecting on how much I’ve learned since I started secondary school. There are so many things I wish I’d known from the beginning. And some of them took me much longer than they should have to figure out.

I decided the best thing I could do with this knowledge was to share it, especially if it meant that it could help someone else. I don’t pretend to have all the answers and much of this advice might seem obvious, but you never know it could actually help someone.

Start right away. Do you see all that homework growing after the first week? Yeah, that’s only going to get worse with time.
Make the most of your…

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That makes two of us Jinx I really never have been as l never understood what normal really was and really do not want too – I am just me 😀 And your are just you 😍 X