Five Facts about Amsterdam vs. Rotterdam

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Inspired by the Amsterdam's Flag Inspired by the Amsterdam’s Flag

Similar to several cities around the world, a rivalry between two cities in the Netherlands does exist: Amsterdam versus Rotterdam. The rivalry has been ongoing since 13th century when the both cities were granted their city status. Rivalry slogans are known, such as “I AMsterdam” versus “We’re Rotterdam” or “Amsterdam has it” then “Rotterdam doesn’t need it” and so on.

Rotterdam is often placed as the less favorable city compared to Amsterdam. Assumption that Rotterdam as a city with high crime rates for instance, is often included as a rivalry topic to claim Amsterdam is safer than Rotterdam. But the fact is, Amsterdam is the most unsafe city in the Netherlands as according to 2014’s statistic.

There are at least five facts about the rivalry between Amsterdam and Rotterdam that I find interesting to know. This post is not an easy topic for me to write. Being a…

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