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『立 秋』の日に37℃まで上昇した関東地方(140年振り?)




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On Point by L. Martel

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This is a 20″ x 24″ oil on canvas called On Point. Ballet is a a tradition in our family. I started ballet when I was four years old as did our two daughters. There is something about the grace of ballet that inspires artists. I have done some other paintings of ballerinas but they are of my daughters and are private. This young girl is a bit older and has begun to do point. The characteristic pink ballet slippers with the insert in the toes of the shoes so she can stand on her toes. It is a tradition. My style is beginning to change in this painting and there is a surrealistic feel to it.


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Happy Birthday Christian

Happy Birthday Christian 🎂

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Happy Birthday Christian. Photograph by Ace, 1972. Christian at Kora Photograph by Ace, 1972.

Christian was born on the 12th August 1969 at Ilfracombe Zoo, in Devon, UK. His parents were Mary and Butch.  A few years ago we were told that Christian was actually hand-reared by one of the staff. This probably explains why Christian seemed so comfortable with us right from the start.

We are often asked how long do lions live?  I usually say 10-12 years but they can live longer in zoos.  Christian was last seen in 1973 and even at four years old was growing into one of the biggest lions George Adamson had ever seen.  He proved to be courageous and smart and survived the most dangerous years.  Ironically, George regarded Christian, the lion from London, as one of the most successful rehabilitations.

The murder of Cecil the lion by an American hunter in Zimbabwe continues to be condemned around the world.

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How a Dry Cleaning Business Helps the Unemployed Find Jobs

Great idea nice to give something back and if it worked my way the person gets job and rewards dry cleaners with recommendations ahhh perfect world – back to reality 👌


“If you are unemployed and need an outfit clean for an interview, we will clean it for FREE.”

That’s what the sign says outside of Plaza Cleaners in Portland, Oregon.


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A Light Powered by Salt Water

Really interesting news thanks Ian 👍


Thanks to the Sustainable Alternative Lighting project, rural communities in the Philippines will no longer have to depend on kerosene and candles to light their homes at night. DubbedSALt, a new device provides illumination using just the power of salt water. One glass of water and two tablespoons of salt makes the lamp glow for up to eight hours.


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