Across The Universe 

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Souldier Girl

Inspired by sweet Annie B

Across the universe

His hands are sweeping her hair 

Golden locks, a hiding place for her wilted stare 

His love harnesses no questions 

He knows, she quietly begs for his affection

He cradles each tear drop

He captures each fear 

Allowing her wild spirit 

…to roam with a freedom repaired 

On the tips of butterfly wings 

On the dew of a dawning field 

As he 

Catches a ride, on her ruby studded coattails 

…The magical trace of their glorious fate 

From dancing with the stars up on high

To coming down, with a sobering cry

Golden strands again shielding her eyes

He is sweeping her hiding place

and rocking her grief

Across the universe, exists two lovers

and I wonder

…Is one of them me?

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Panic Attack and Pufferfish

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I have been scuba diving for five years in many dive sites and some of them even considered as difficult ones because of strong current or having numerous sharks and other huge marine life. I considered myself as an experienced scuba diver with hundreds of logged dives. I believe I have easy going attitude and – oh well, I’d better stop here, as it looks now I am doing self promotions 😀

Cave Diving (Sal Island - Cabo Verde) Safety Stop. Scuba divers are about to going up.

Despite of what mentioned as “myself promotions”; for the first time in my scuba diving experience and my entire living experience, I had panic attack at an easy dive site in Sal Island (Cape Verde). It happened when I was about to descend, I was not even under the water yet. Out of the blue, I felt that I could not breath and my heart beat so fast. I wanted…

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Pay attention when you are selecting Plastic Bottle

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Choosing water in plastic bottles, as well as buying different foods or beverages in plastic packaging, be sure to pay attention to the bottom of the bottle or carton. It is here that all the necessary information about the type of plastic from which the packaging is made. Some of the types of plastic can be safe, while others can harm your health. Plastic bottle label always contain a record of it from a type of plastic they are made. And this information is very important. In the end, any plastic bottle releases chemicals into the contents of varying degrees of risk.

Pay attention when you are selecting plastic bottle

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Multum in parvo

Bună-vă dimineața-vă!

Eine Perspektive bieten

Storia illustrata

Storia illustrata

Tribute to Cecil – The Mating Lions by L. Martel

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This is a 20″ x 24″ oil on canvas painting called Mating Lions. It was painted many years ago and was absconded by my younger son just after I signed and dated it and while the paint was still wet. I haven’t seen it since. Nevertheless, he did provide a photo of it. I dedicate it to the Lion Cecil.

agis iphone pics june 24, 2015 090

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…./…Just read and think about it..!!…. /….. Syaikh Hamza Andreas Tzortzis

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I want everyone, myself included, to ask themselves a bunch of key questions when using social media and YouTube:

“Why am I posting this video/comment/update?”

“Who is it for?”

“Am I seeking fame?”

“Does it represent who I am?”

“Does it represent my beliefs?”

“Will this facilitate my spiritual growth?”

“Does it represent my aspirations or my reality?”

“Am I being honest with myself and others?”

“Have I spent more time on social media and YouTube than with my parents/family/spiritual activities?”

“Have I spent more time on social media than doing good to others?”

“Am I advertising my good deeds?”

“Do these acts of public good outweigh my private good deeds?”

“If I never posted this video/comment/post will it make a difference?”

“Will this sincerely help others?”

“Is this about me?”

“Am I posting this because I lack confidence, self esteem and love?”

“Is my online me the same as…

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