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@yadadarcyyada 10 Health Reasons To Eat Chocolate #Donnamazing just for your weekend

10 Health Reasons To Eat Chocolate


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Police Efforts To Protect And Guide Our Youngsters, Where All Else Fails

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Police Officers always try to do maximum to ensure that the criminal elements remain away from us as we go about our lives. They believe more in reform rather than punishment. Apart from their daily routine jobs they keep uplifting their efforts to educate and inform the most vulnerable segment of our society that is the young children of impressionable ages. One such example is the Camp Cadet organized and arranged by multiple Police agencies. It is a commendable effort on part of our protectors to educate and guide our young children towards a better future. Let’s thank them heartily and honor their efforts towards a better society. 

(This news item is taken from CBS Pittsburgh. I am sure my blogger friends will like reading it). Samina.

Police Hoping To Keep Kids On Positive Track With Camp Cadet
image PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s not often that you see a motorcycle escort…

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Minima latina / V /

Casa care adăposteşte gânduri • Editura Excelsior Art

minima latina

Vince animum; cave deformes multa bona uno vitio. (Titus Livius)
Învinge-ţi inima; fereşte-te să-ţi schimonoseşti multele calităţi pentru un singur viciu.

Vincere est honestum, pulchrum ignoscere.
E cinstit să învingi, e frumos să ierţi.

Vinci expedit damnosa ubi est victoria. (Syrus)
E de preferat să fii învins când victoria e ruşinoasă.

Viperam sub ala nutrire.
A hrăni o viperă sub aripă.

Virtus est vitium fugere et sapientia prima stultitia caruisse. (Horatius)
Este o virtute să fugi de viciu şi prima treaptă de înţelepciune să eviţi prostia.

Virtute et magnitudine animi nihil est nobilius. (Cicero)
Nimic nu e mai nobil decât virtutea şi mărinimia.

Virtutes iisdem temporibus optime aestimantur, quibus facillime gignuntur. (Tacitus)
Virtuţile în acele vremuri sunt mai mult respectate, în care se şi nasc mai uşor.

Virtutum amicitia adiutrix a natura data est, non vitiorum comes. (Cicero)
Prietenia a fost dată de natură ca sprijin al virtuţilor, nu complice…

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Were I born and you not

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How To Cure Jolly Floggin’

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In Saner Thought

Yep, the weekend and time for some silly stuff…….what is life without a little humor?

First, something I thought about while researching the other day…….For the life of me I cannot see the point of a circle!  Think about it.

Now…………… Sriracha?  I am sick of this crap!  Just as I was sick of the crap it replaced….Buffalo Sauce……you want hot then man up and eat Harissa……that should have you begging for ice cream…..

Now to the grits and the gravy of day’s post…… is a bit personal….I do not usually do personal….but what the hell we are all friends, right?……

I recall when I discovered what to do with the horribly big erection in the morning…….all I had to do was get a hold of myself and……Flog my Jolly!

Then it became almost mandatory to do so……surely there was a cure for that compulsion……VIOLA!  There was and you…

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