Post 847: a happy discovery…!

Just love your cat posts 🐱


“What’s this…?”

Andy investigates!Andy investigates!

'Woohoo! 'NIP!‘Woohoo! ‘NIP!”
Andy has a party in his nose.

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My Dog and I

Me and my dog lovely 🙀

indahs: dive, travel & photography

Walking my dog, Dante, is my favorite activity especially when the summer weather allows me to wear sandals! Dante has been cooperative in my photography project to respond Daily Post Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet.

For this project, I use camera Olympus E-PL5 with lens Panasonic 14mm f/2.5. More info on my photo gear: indahs photo gear.

Two major tips so the dogs will do as the photographer’s wishes: be patience and dog snacks!  Well, Dante has been trained for basic obedience commands and that helps a lot 🙂

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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 468) Overjoyed


As Stephen looks around the room at the faces of the strangers who are now his friends, he wonders what would posses someone to commit murder. Oddly enough, the first thing that comes to mind is the recent and tragic visit from Kate. He was not at all happy to see her on his doorstep and the hatred he felt toward her at that moment, when she interrupted his and Zsofia’s endearing moment, was beyond anything he felt in years.

The next day, when the authorities notified him of her death, he actually felt a sense of relief. In reality, he was glad if not overjoyed! He wonders, is he like his grandmother, does he easily toss people aside? Would he have schemed and plotted a plan in order to get the girl he wanted? Would he have stepped into his grandmother’s role to do away with Kate for Zsofia’s…

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A woman’s beauty…Bir Kadının güzelliği….

Nice post Semra 🙂




A woman’s beauty is not in her features, the shade of her skin, or her possessions.

True beauty is in her heart, in her Imaan (faith), her Taqwa (piety) AND love for her Deen (religion).

Which is shown through her Hijab AND her righteous actions…!!!


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First Night Design | ABFriday – August | Photo Challenge

Nice photographs 👍

First Night Design

The Cobb The Cobb © Kate Prior

The After-Before Friday (ABFriday) challenge at Visual Venturing — established by Stacy Fischer — happens every first Friday of the month. The idea is to download the given image and cast your spell with post-processing. Although I haven’t had confirmation, Kate Prior’s photograph is clearly The Cobb at Lyme Regis in Dorset. Coincidentally, Lyme and the Cobb feature heavily in Tracy Chevalier’s Remarkable Creatures as mentioned in my Looking for Fossils post. And anyone who has read John Fowles’ The French Lieutenant’s Woman, or seen the film with Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons, will know all about the area and The Cobb in particular.

Original image © Kate Prior. Edited by © Sarah VernonOriginal image © Kate Prior. Edited by © Sarah Vernon

I overlaid the image with two of my own textures to create a painterly effect. I can’t say I’m entirely happy with the result and if I’d had time, I would doubtless have continued to…

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a cycling day in Chicago


We hopped the train to downtown and just outside of Union Station is Lou Mitchel’s restaurant. Since 1923 Lou’s has been at the start of famous Route 66, that American mother road connecting East to the West during the dust bowl ( 1930’s ) as people migrated to California hoping for new chances and prosperity.

A Chicago Institution since 1923 - worth the stop A Chicago Institution since 1923 – worth the stop

Route 66 has long faded, replaced by the super highways that bypass the small towns, but Lou’s has kept some old traditions. You get a donut hole ( baked there ), a complimentary orange slice and prune with breakfast, and a free tiny serving of ice cream after your meal.

these are some seriously fine donut holes these are some seriously fine donut holes

We had omelets which were light and fluffy, but the whole-wheat toast baked there was sublime. A bite of omelet, a bite of toast, a sip of fresh squeezed…

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The Transformation Is Mind-Blowing – A Homeless Dog Wanders The Streets Alone

Just shows that love can heal any wounds 😀

Kindness Blog

There aren’t many things as heartbreaking as seeing an animal who knows nothing but a life of abuse and neglect. At the same time, there are few things as heartwarming as seeing that animal get the love and care they need.

This is Kelsey. She was a homeless stray, forced to wander the streets alone. She scrounged for food and was constantly put in harm’s way, navigating dangerous bridges and alleyways to stay alive. Finally, someone found her, and decided to save her life — documenting her journey the whole way through.

A Homeless DogAs the sun shone down on Kelsey’s body, it was easy to see just how bloody and battered her skin became while living on the streets. Instead of a white coat of healthy fur, Kelsey suffered sores and sunburns everywhere. Her body type and bulging ribs were a sign that she was starving to death.

A Homeless Dog

You’d think a…

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Nice Jinx x 🌹


Casa care adăposteşte gânduri • Editura Excelsior Art

„Carpe diem”

Ne cunoaştem de mulţi ani, de la Partid, unde ne-am plăcut empatic…
La început l-am suspectat de cine ştie ce interese, dar… întrucât nu au existat solicitări speciale, am dedus că este vorba de o stare de simpatie aparte, pe care unele persoane o pot nutri, fără un interes anume. Pur şi simplu, un soi de prietenie fără afecţiune. Sau poate faptul că îi place să povestească, neavând alt scop decât acela al nevoii de a-şi da importanţă, fără riscul întreruperii cu brutalitatea specifică egoismului ce-l caracterizează; ori, situaţia când noi toţi avem nevoie să primim un ajutor moral, prin simpla răbdare de a ne fi fost ascultat păsul, scutiţi de gesturi de agitaţie nervoasă; sau, înclinarea mea de a nu întrerupe firul povestirii decât prin întrebări aparent preocupate faţă de câte „verzi şi uscate” mi se îndrugă; ori cine ştie ce taine ale corpului nostru…

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ABC’s of Power Plant Safety

Power Plant Men

Originally posted August 2, 2014

Scott, Toby and I were all sitting in the front seat of Scott’s pickup truck on our way home from the coal-fired power plant in North Cental Oklahoma, because this particular pickup didn’t have a back seat. I guess that’s true for most pickup now that I think about it. It was in the fall of 1993 and I was on one of my rants about Power Plant Safety (again).

Scott Hubbard was focusing on the road and he was smiling. I think it was because the person that was talking on NPR (National Public Radio) had a pleasant voice.

Scott Hubbard Scott Hubbard

Come to think of it… Scott was usually smiling.

I was going on and on about how the plant needed to take a completely didn’t approach to safety. I thought that we just looked at each accident as an isolated case and because…

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