Moreton Bay Dolphins

You too 🌹


Fishing on Moreton Bay in Queensland, Australia a few years ago, I had to pull in my line when a pod of curious dolphins came to say hello. I was amazed at how friendly they were considering they had a couple of very small babies with them. I was so tempted to jump into the water with them. Instead, I leant over the side of the boat and had a chinwag. I think this pod is the one that visits Tangalooma and is comfortable with human contact and associates us with food. I gave them my fish. I wasn’t doing well anyway and only caught enough fish to make cleaning them a pain and I had way more enjoyment feeding the dolphins.
I love fishing but get a bit “girly” killing my catch. Gutting and cleaning them doesn’t bother me. I don’t like using live bait. I get all…

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