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Souldier Girl

Jesus take these chains

attached to my walls

Hit like a piñata

that never falls.

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Reality Wednesday 

Souldier Girl

I wish each post I presented could be positive and uplifting. But then life happens and I become the sun closing my eyes behind a curtain of clouds. All I feel is grey. I call it a funk or a slump. But that is life isn’t it? Not everyday is sidewalk skipping, sometimes we trip and fall- sometimes…I get right back up and other times, I lay there, against a scalding backbone and wait for my legs to regain strength.

Either way, I have promised myself to be honest and authentic in this place– a collision of words from a spirit that is overcoming. And overcoming is quite a journey :))

Recently I had a slump funk and I shared it with my family here. I am overcome with love, moved by your words and truth. I read my messages and think “oh my gosh these people are incredible…

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GOSSIP: A Turkish proverb

“Who gossips to you will gossip of you”

An old Turkish proverb relating the importance of not gossiping and backbiting about other people or indulging yourself in other people’s gossip. It may be riveting and appeal to the darker side of our curiosity, but the proverbial dung can fly in all directions. You may revel in hearing about what the gossiped-about person allegedly got up to, but how do you know the gossip is not spreading your muck around too?

The negative form of gossiping, as opposed to just sharing information around, is in my opinion one of the lowest forms of human communication. Gossips very much trade in bringing other people down and inflating their own smug sense of self-worth. They may be confiding another person’s secrets to you, without that other person’s permission of course, but then what is stopping them from doing the same to you, if say…

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“I Think I Can, I Think I Can” and Other Power Plant Chants

Power Plant Men

Originally Posted on August 3, 2012 (I added a picture of Walt Oswalt):

The second summer as Summer Help at the Coal-fired Power Plant, was when I first worked out of the Automotive garage.  It wasn’t finished during the first summer.  The second summer when I began working in the garage, Jim Heflin, Larry Riley, Doug House  and Ken Conrad were the regular workers that mowed the fields using tractors with brush hogs, as I have explained in previous posts.  A summer help that also worked with us from Ponca City named David Foster was also able to mow grass using one of the new Ford tractors that we painted Orange to easily identify them as belonging to the Electric Company in Oklahoma.

I learned to drive the tractors later in the summer when I worked irrigating the fields in our attempt to grow grass (as told in the post…

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Casa care adăposteşte gânduri • Editura Excelsior Art

image description

În poezia Ultimele cuvinte
scrisă la puţin timp înainte de a muri
Zbigniew Herbert pomeneşte
de poetul Miroslav Holub.

Care hrănind porumbeii
de la fereastra etajului VI
s‑a prăbuşit în gol –

O eroare cehească?

Am citit în ziar
că Bohumil Hrabal
a căzut de la fereastra spitalului
în timp ce hrănea porumbeii.

(Ceea ce s‑a dovedit de altfel
o frumoasă legendă
născocită de mass‑media).
Nu ştiu dacă Herbert
l‑a citit pe Hrabal.
Nu ştiu
dacă blajinului suprarealist Holub
(l‑am întâlnit cândva la Malmö)
îi plăceau porumbeii.

Dar ţin minte cum Herbert
hrănea o turturică
pe pervazul ferestrei de la bucătărie
din locuinţa sa
de pe strada Promenada
în februarie 1982.

(Încă mai dura iarna geroasă
şi starea de război).

Herbert, Holub, Hrabal.

Trei destine diferite.
Trei porumbei cenuşii
şi încă

o enigmă a cucuvelei.

din volumul Poeme alese, Rzszard Krynicicki, traducerea: Constantin Geambașu, Ed. Excelsior Art, 2014

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