Harem of birds

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Five Facts about Indonesia to Know

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There are many facts written about Indonesia, but mostly related to “Bali” versus “the rest of Indonesia”. Despite of common facts that have written around the internet, there are some facts that perhaps not commonly known and just recently become news. I included five facts following their explanations, I hope I will not bore you!

1. Indonesia is not a country based on specific religious law 

Having 250 millions population and 86% of them are Muslim, that makes Indonesia as the largest Muslim country in the world. But it doesn’t make Indonesia as an Islamic state because Indonesian constitutional law is not based on the Islamic Sharia Law. Religious country

Indonesia has one province out of 34 provinces that allowed to enforce Islamic Sharia Law: Aceh Province. It was allowed following the Helsinki (peace) Agreement to end the separatism movement by the Acehnese.

The long history of struggle against the Japanese and the Dutch…

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Copper, the Alchemist, & the Woman in Trousers: Episode 27 | Teagan’s Books

First Night Design

I’m a great fan of Teagan Geneviene’s writing. Her serials are enchanting and by the time the latest chapter of the current serial wings its way into my inbox on a Saturday, I’m champing at the bit to see what’s going to happen!

Each week, her readers supply her with three things which she then weaves into her story. In this Saturday’s episode, Teagan used my suggestions —  a Silver Locket, Green Chartreuse and Salmon Koulibiac.

Originally posted on Teagan’s Books.

I’m afraid I gave in to the dramatic again.  I might as well tell you that there is another cliffhanger ahead.  But you’re forewarned, so try not to scream “Akkk!” about my theatrics when you get there.

The multi-talented Sarah Vernon at “Rogues & Vagabonds” sent the three things that fueled the steam locomotive to the Victorian Era for this chapter.  Sarah’s blogs are visual treats.  “Rogues & Vagabonds” is for…

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First Night Design | Bring out the Bath Chairs!

First Night Design

Bring out the Bath Chairs! 13 Cm X 18 Cm Invitation Card

Bring out the Bath Chairs! 13 Cm X 18 Cm Invitation Card

I created the invitation above very soon after I joined Zazzle. I was uploading my images onto greeting cards, which was taking an inordinate amount of time, and I thought I must offer other products as soon as possible. It remained on its lonesome until I came across it accidentally the other day. Time, I thought, to create some other products with this vintage bath chair.

Did you know that bath chairs are extremely comfortable? They beat a wheelchair hands down. Having said that, I only have one experience of a Victorian bath chair. I was appearing in a production of an early play by Alan Bennett, Forty Years On. My character did not use the bath chair but you can be damn sure I made use of it out of hours, so to speak!

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First Night Design | ‘She is too fond of books…’

First Night Design

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English: Image of American author Louisa May A... Louisa May Alcott, from a photo taken just previous to her going to Washington in 1862 as a hospital nurse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain.”

What? Louisa May Alcott said that!  Surely not.  In case you’re thinking that the author of Little Women was not the woman you had always thought, fear not.  She put this absurd thought into the mouths of one of her characters in Work: A Story of Experience, a semi-autobiographical novel published in 1873 about a determined young lady intent on finding satisfying and worthwhile work.

As if one could ever read too many books; as if a fondness for the written word could ever addle the brain.


The Complete Little Women Series: Little Women, Good Wives, Little Men, Jo’s Boys

Take care and keep laughing!


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The Lonely Heron by L. Martel

Nice painting Leslie


This is a 12″ x 16″ oil on canvas called The Lonely Heron. I painted this in 2007. I much perfer the two on two but this one just hasn’t found the right mate yet. He’s still looking. This is the extent of the birds at the moment. On Friday I’ll release the Mating Lions as a tribute to Cecil.


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Just the soft pitter patter of the raindrops on the window as they draw a picture in your imagination. Remember as a child watching droplets on the window and seeing shapes within – I used to call the rain my friend as when l got wet l felt close to creation.
Nice post Jinx 🌹 under your pink Umbrella x