Stunning Blue Moon pictures from Friday night

9hJ5UJ2H_normal.png Anonymous (@CovertAnonymous)
01/08/2015 21:37
[Breaking] Stunning images reveal Blue Moon’s true colors (PHOTOS): A rare celestial phenomenon dazzled … #YAF


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The clouds seemed bountiful and the sky merciless for they were working tirelessly for 18 hours without caring for a siesta, well not at least for us. With the incessant showers the city had come to a stand still. It was nothing different from the usual and habitual failure of the Meteorological Department which had ironically predicted clear skies for the next 48 hours, except the fact that this was as common as the cold in monsoon in the most happening city of India-Mumbai.

With my wifi network down and having solved the sudoku puzzle in the morning itself, I was as bored as Leo Messi in a Cricket game.My future and the past started bugging me in this idle time. The constant bickering about how my future should be shaped taking into account the pathetic and embarrassing past also wasn’t an exception. Although, our brains do have this superpower of making one feel more…

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Bună-vă dimineaţa-vă!

Storia illustrata

Bună-vă dimineaţa-vă!

Forever young

Storia illustrata