Clownfish Close-Up

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Finding Nemo Quote

Finding Nemo is my favorite all the time movie, plus, I love clownfish. I took tens of clownfish images during my scuba diving :D. So, on my third submission for the 3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge as invited by Life of Mon, I share Dory’s wisdom together with a clownfish image that I took in Raja Ampat (Indonesia).

Gladly I share the close-up image of the clownfish to the Daily Post Close up Challenge. Have a great weekend!

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Inspirational (Ocean) Quote

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This is my second submission for the 3 Day,3 Quotes Challenge as invited by Life of Mon, the first submission was posted in Inspirational Travel Quote.

Quote by Robert Wyland

I can not leave out a quote about ocean for the challenge. Most of my travels was exploring beneath the ocean by scuba diving thus I cannot agree with Robert Wyland more. The wonderment of the ocean where unique species exist as part of life circle never ceases to amaze me. Whale shark was one of the unique species. It was one of unforgettable moments to swim so close with the whale shark. The image was taken in the Philippines, it was my first time trying out split underwater photo: half above water, and half underwater. Not bad for the quote challenge 😉

Robert Wyland is a marine life artist who presents the beauty of the ocean through his art. His 100 Whaling Walls mural…

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Inspirational (Travel) Quote

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I accepted 3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge from Mon from Life of Mon. Thank you Mon!

The challenge has three rules:

(1) Post your favorite quotes or your own quotes for 3 days in a row;
(2) Thank the person who nominated you;
(3) Pass it on to 3 other bloggers.

 I pass the challenge to: Andy’s World Journey ~ Darwin on the Rocks ~Travels with Choppy

This image was taken in my favorite spot where I walk my dog in the morning. Sometimes morning activities in Maas River offer surprising view, and sometimes I bring my camera along for the morning walk. I find the image gets along well with my favorite quote from John A. Shedd. This quote is not only encouraging us to travel but as well to leave our comfort zone and go ‘sailing’ out into life, do something that we have never done before.

Do you have special quote…

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Monochrome Monday: Ocean and Sky

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This image was taken in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia, during the sunset. The sky was grey but the sun kept shining on the ocean, it made beautiful sun rays. Submitted for the Daily Post Photo Challenge, Half and Half.

Monochrome Monday - Ocean and Sky

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Five Facts about Giant Clam

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Marine Life mediumTwelfth edition of Marine Life monthly post. I can’t believe that it’s been a year this monthly post existed. Thank you for keep following this monthly post! This monthly post aims to share information on specific marine life species and to promote their conservation.

I always find the giant clam as pretty animal because of its beautiful color patterns on its mantles. I was inspired to write about the clam after watching a sad short movie of a dying clam sucking salt on kitchen table to stay alive. Little I knew about the clam when I watched that movie.  After reading some articles about the clams, I find five interesting facts about this animal that may surprises you. This time, I am focusing only on the giant clam (genus Tridacna)- the largest mollusks on earth.

1. Clam does not eat human or chew any part of human’s body

The giant clam is often being…

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Buracona Cave Diving: Underwater Light Shows

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Buracona is one of visitors attractions in Sal Island of Cape Verde (Cabo Verde). It is an area of lava rocks coast with beautiful ocean view. Buraco is Portuguese word for hole. The hole is also called as Olho Azul, which means “Blue Eye”. As when the sun hits the water inside the hole, it will show the ‘Blue Eye’ reflection. The ‘Blue Eye’ in Sal Island is the light refection of an undersea cave. The most exciting part of the area is actually to dive inside its undersea cave to see the sun rays entered the hole. And we did, we were diving through the undersea cave to be finally inside of the hole.

Following is an amateur video of our scuba diving experience from preparing the diving until we were inside the Buracona. The video was taken by Dutchie using GoPro and I edited it via GoPro editor. Please click the…

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Pull Your Finger Out (Phrase Origins) | Albert Jack

First Night Design

A pair of 18th-century Spanish cannons outside the museum of the Royal Welch Fusiliers in Caernarfon Castle. A pair of 18th century Spanish cannons outside the museum of the Royal Welch Fusiliers in Caernarfon Castle.

Originally posted on Albert Jack.

The phrase these days is associated with encouraging someone to get a move on, or hurry up and complete a task more quickly than they are presently doing. Like so many English phrases it has a military or naval origin. Loaded cannons would have gunpowder poured into a small ignition hole, which was then held in place with a wooden plug.

But in times of battle, when speed was of the essence, the powder would be pushed in and then held in place by a gun crew-member using his finger. Impatient artillerymen, anxious to fire their cannons at the advancing enemy, would…

via Pull Your Finger Out (Phrase Origins) | Albert Jack.

Take care and keep laughing!


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just heard a tapping at the window!

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Gill McGrath

2015 07 29 edge  stick DSCN7489 jpg sig

2015 07 29 sticks DSCN7490 jpg sig
Gill McGrath  July 30 afternoon

[thought it was the  man delivering new computer expected]

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Great Flower


Great Flower


Like a flower you bloom with gentle petals. Your gentle, green branches reaching out to many, in attempts to show them the best way, you help in making the world a  better place.

Your quiet smile, an effort to hide whatever fears you may possess, in the midst of your testing’s you still give your best, because you have a great work to do.

You have come a long way in being tough, learning to climb when you felt like sitting. You have chosen to fly because you are chosen.

You have accepted your calling and by doing what you love you have an essence that makes you resilient.

In your disappointments you’ve learnt to count your blessings. In your frowns you have smiled and though you’ve learnt many lessons, you take pleasure in teaching some of your own.

You have become your best self and destroyed…

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Ancestral Sage

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Souldier Girl

This morning I woke

In an ancestral cage

Passed down and cleansed with grandmothers

White sage

A glowing freedom

A warrior’s song

All the victors have fallen for

And all we have overcome

I swung back and forth

Allowing the tears to come

Grief takes up chapters in our story

As does the peace, awakening and love

Yet today I chant a tear note melody

The wailing of a mother’s fractured heart remedy

I do not feel beautiful

My soul is bowed in a pale shaded woe

And I will rock in this cage

Until grandmothers spirit whispers


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