Article: 16 Stunning Images of Saturn’s Battered Death Star Moon, Tethys

16 Stunning Images of Saturn’s Battered Death Star Moon, Tethys


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Power Plant Imps and Accident Apes

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Power Plant Men

Orignally posted: July 26, 2014:

In order to promote Safety at the coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma in 1988, we watched a video that introduced us to the four “Imps”. These were little creatures that lurked around the power power plant waiting to cause accidents. The video demonstrated how these four imps had lead a racing car to have an accident which put the driver in hospital. The Imps were called: Impatience, Improvisation, Impulsiveness and Impunity.

The video also went on to say that “Knowing is not enough”. You have to “Act”. The four imps try to keep you from acting when you know that there is a safe way to do something. A Yellow Flag was used in the video when the crash occurred during the race, and the video went on to emphasize that if we could only see the Yellow Flag “Before the accident happens”…

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Blue Moon 2015 And Astrology: The ‘Party Moon’ On July 31 Invites You To Be Your Authentic Self

Just for my friend Jinx x Blue Moon 2015 And Astrology: The ‘Party Moon’ On July 31 Invites You To Be Your Authentic Self

On Friday at 6:43 a.m., EDT, the poetically named Blue Moon will rise, the second full moon in July.

Although every month has a full moon, there hasn’t been a second full moon in a month since August 2012, and there won’t be another one until January 2018.

The Maine Farmers’ Alamanac coined the term in 1915 to describe the “extra” moon in a season with four instead of three full moons, according to Yahoo.

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The most amazing thing about creation is its ability to regenerate itself – for instance kick a stone for millions of years it turns to dust – kick the dust the same and it turns into a stone. That’s creation – nice post Jinx x