3 photographers create stunning Las Vegas timelapse in 1 night

3 photographers create stunning Las Vegas timelapse in 1 night
Mashable / Brian Koerber


Creating a quality time-lapse video usually takes a lot of time. But what better place to pull an all-nighter than the fabulous Las Vegas?

The trip, led by photographer and time-lapser Aaron Keigher, was completed in just one night, and also features the fine work of Michael Bloom and Arlene Ziordia. The video covers the trio as they start their journey in Los Angeles, drive to Vegas and spend all night capturing the scenery until the sun rises

“Sometimes you will shoot for an hour or more and only come back with a 10-second video clip,” Keigher told Mashable. “That was the challenge we had to figure out for this film.” Read more:>>>>>

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japanese garden in black and white

old tree


japanese garden

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I’m Just Like You

Nice post Samina look forward to your posts thanks Ian

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MAC47_POWER_LIST10_THUMB-300x300-1416430039 Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson

Honorable RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson talks about the role of women in the Police force and says:

“We need to increase women coming into the force, we need to increase women in the senior executive ranks,” Commissioner Paulson said, explaining his goal is to have “more women in our decision-making process”. He further emphasized, “The value of having women in a Police Role is that you take the interaction with a citizen away from the Force Dynamic, and you put it in the behavior, Thoughtful Dynamic. It is quite a Powerful Force to be reckoned with. We have this sort of traditional notion that we are wrestling people, jumping on people, putting handcuffs on people. The woman’s view of the world is a much more Powerful, Persuasive Force than just an arm around the neck.”

image A Police Officer

“I’m Just Like You”

I have been…

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Mundane Monday Challenge » 4

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Hey friends.! Good morning everyone. Feeling so good that I can blog today’s entry for the Mundane Monday Challenge. It seems that I have been unable to blog since ages but thanks a lot Jithin for this challenge so that atleast I can post every Monday.

So here goes my fourth entry.


See you all next week, hope so.! 😉 🙂

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