Când căutai să îmi săruţi iubirea


Denisa Aricescu

Când căutai să îmi săruţi iubirea

Mi-am desenat timpul pe o coală de speranţă
Mi-am luat gândul de la şoaptele pe care le-am iubit,
M-am ascuns în ochii căprioarei ce-şi plimba destinul
Prin pădurile de foc din asfinţit.
Când eu mă zbăteam pe marginea visului
Tu alergai cu paşi repezi spre mine
Mă strigai cu toată puterea,
Îmi săgetai auzul cu semnale aprinse
Şi-mi făceai inima să se strecoare printre stânci.
Când m-ai găsit,
mi-ai sărutat sufletul cu dor,
iar eu mi-am închis ochii, tremurând.
M-am agăţat de tine,
aşa cum se agaţă cireşele amare la urechile verii.

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It’s The End of Term

Hoxton Spanish Tutor Info

Congratulations to all you heroes completing your Spanish Language classes whilst dealing with daytime jobs and other demands.

It has been a pleasure to work with all of you. Enjoy the summer and if you are off to the beach, don’t forget my recommendation about frequent exposure to the language you are studying. If you have the time, follow my suggestions for summer reading and listening.

I appreciate your continued interest, questions and suggestions for future blogs. I am making this blog as interactive and participative as possible. So, please continue the conversation.


  • The “Hoxton Spanish Online Coffee Club” remains open in the late afternoon/eve on Sundays, for informal language consultations and conversation
  • For Londoners: we are restarting the “Hoxton Spanish Wine Evening Group”. We can enjoy a conversation whilst having a glass of wine and nibbles. Meeting location to be agreed. Email me at: info@spanish-tutor.info

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Jinx xoxo 🌹

Basit Gerçekler & Simple Truths by Kent Nerburn !!


Istanbul- sem


Stay away from debt in your personal life. Debt, not poverty, is the greatest enemy of financial well-being and peace of mind.

There are massive forces arrayed in the world to tell you of the great benefits of debt. They will tell you that by borrowing you establish your legitimacy in the eyes of lenders, and that you can have tomorrow’s pleasures at today’s prices.

They will present arguments and inducements that are convincing and seductive. They dress debt in a suit and call it credit. But it all comes down to the same thing: You have mortgaged your future to pay for your present, and this is something you don’t ever want to do.

Debt can make you money because it allows you to invest. Debt can help you in the present and leave your problems for what you hope will be a better time in the future.


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