Things White Girls Say To South Asian ‘Brown’ Girls (Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi so on)

The Human Lens

Few days ago I wrote the post, “Things White Men Say to South Asian Women” and it received quite interesting feedback, but some got offended and couldn’t find the humor. Anyways today I am bringing part II of the story, now this video has been produced for all brown and South Asian folks, whether you’re Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Kashmiri, Sri Lankan, Nepalese, from the Maldives, or part of the greater diaspora, or share an ethnic ancestry with any of the above.

This is a collaboration of two very talented South Asians, Sameer Asad Gardezi, an award-winning Pakistani AmericanMuslimscreenwriter and television writer and the super insanely talented American actress and writer/ comedian Kosha Patel very well-known for Miss India America, The Indian and the Samurai and off course this hilarious video Shit White Girls Say… To Brown Girls that went viral. 

Truly this one is for anyone and everyone who wants to have…

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