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First Night Design

Bringing in the Harvest © Sarah Vernon - Buy a print at Crated!Bringing in the Harvest © Sarah Vernon – Buy a print at Crated!

The pastoral tradition — whether poetry, music, literature or painting — has long been popular, particularly the art of the 19th century when Victorians lapped up engaging scenes of country life. It was an idealised version of the truth which has led to the erroneous assumption that life in the countryside is a deal more peaceful and beautiful than town. It’s an assumption that pertains to this day and there are many who tell a tale of moving away from the relentless struggle in the cities, perhaps buying a small holding, only to discover that it is a good deal smellier and dirtier than town and earning enough to survive is well-nigh impossible. There are exceptions, of course, but unless you’ve had a countryside upbringing, it can come as a shock.

Vladimir Kudinov Kudinov

As soon as I saw this photograph of a modern farming…

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