4 New Tires = 1 Sweet Act of Kindness

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4 new tiresMy wife and I are both teachers.

We were expecting our kid soon and were trying to save money. Wasn’t working out so well because we continued to have things come up over and over. Unexpected bills and such.

One of them turned out that we needed to get 4 new tires because the ones we had were very worn down. It was going to cost us about $300 for the cheapest new tires we could find. We were both incredibly heartbroken over having to spend more money.

I was talking to our science teacher about it and he was also a mechanic in the army in his younger years. He would constantly work on our car and help us out by changing head lights and filling our oil.

I was going to charge the $300 and max our credit card. I gave the okay to the mechanic to do…

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Când timpul ne-a ţinut aproape

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Denisa Aricescu

Când timpul ne-a ţinut aproape

Au fost clipe când nu eram aici,
Mă ascundeam în anotimpuri
Şi visam la mai bine.
Mi-am deschis sufletul în faţa cuvintelor,
Tu treceai pe lângă mine şi m-auzeai citind.
Mă opream şi-mi suflam peste răni
Tu te-ntrebai ce e cu mine…
Mă distanţam când mă pierdeam în zile
Îmi deznodai fundele tăcerii
Şi lăsai cuvintele să curgă din mine.
Dorul îmi traversa corpul cu fiecare atingere
În minutele în care iubirea îşi ştergea chipul
Cu o petală de crin.
Am lăsat zilele să treacă pe lângă noi
Şi ne-am regăsit ţinându-ne de mână,
După încă un an.

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Mundane Monday Challenge » 2

The Vagabond Table

Ah ! I skipped monday for the monday challenge. Was busy with the newly-found-love-of-my-life, power electronics and drives. 😛 But soon I got some time away from it and here I am with my another entry for this challenge.


I couldn’t find anything good than this in my room because in the campus I’ve nothing to do except attending classes and coming back to the room these days. 😦

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Mundane Monday Challenge » 3

The Vagabond Table

With a fresh monday morning breeze, a bit of monday blues and a pinch of building tensions in curriculums, I bring up another entry for the best thing today, the Mundane Monday Challenge.


So, finally I got some time to spend with the nature and beautiful surroundings here this last weekend. Therefore, I could capture some better shots than the earlier ones. Hope it brightens your day. 🙂
Feeling refreshed.!

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