Fort Ticonderoga


Fort_Ticonderoga,_Ticonderoga,_NY“Fort Ticonderoga, Ticonderoga, NY” by Mwanner – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

Welcome to Fort Ticonderoga ! It sits high above the western shore of Lake Champlain.  Originally , it  was constructed by the French and called Carillon. It was the site of bitter fighting and seized by the British during the French and India War (1754-1763).  Later the fort was captured by the Americans in the first official victory of the American Revolution (1775).0913-wkd-webclrTICONDEROGAmap

The French and Indian War which was really the French verses the English with various Native American tribes choosing sides with the country they felt would leave their land and disruption of their lives.  In all actuality  this  was the 1st World War as there was fighting on four continents over shipping routes, land, wealth and power.


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With the end of that conflict, the end of…

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