Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: HALF and HALF

Thanks for visit and likes I am Ian

CIGUDEG pleis bilong tu mi


This week, I share 3 images that has two clear halves




Posted on July 18. 2015 for Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.

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Reality Wednesday 

Nice post know just how this feels always give 100% to people and get hurt not by everyone thank God ❤️

Souldier Girl

I hate being hurt by others. No matter how many times it happens, it still hits like it were the first…

When I give my all and it is not enough

When sadness smokes an insult

I am overlaid in its puff

When a promise is betrayed

I know you let my secret run wild

My soul burns

In a tear kindled fire

My reality…

My heart is not taken seriously

Again pushed into a corner

Just my Savior and me

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Well l was inspired 🌹

Souldier Girl

I find inspiration every day from each of you, this place has been so healing for me- just sayin—> thank you!

I picked some inspiring quotes from Abraham Hicks that I wanted to share for my inspiration tonight.

Also please please check out Eric Ease. He really pumped me up today with his determination to “make a decision each day to move forward”. He helped remind me that it is OK to be good to ourselves even when others slam us for it. He is courageous, encouraging and a powerhouse of strength-thank you Ease.

Today I choose to love my messy self

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The Life of Architecture Students!


Here is a reality check to make you smile this Saturday morning showing the life of architecture students.  People will say to me, “Ah, your husband is an architect?” as if it is  some mystical experience or at the very least, well paying! As you can see from this post,  right from the beginning architecture demands  late hours, inspiration, creativity  but most of all hard work which  is ultimately  rewarding,  if not  always  monetarily !

 The Angry Architect

The Struggle Is Real: 10 Feelings Experienced By Every Architecture Student

by The Angry Architect2 days, 23 hours ago

Architecture school: It’s a veritable cauldron of emotions, the like of which is unlikely to compare with any other environment we will work in. The extreme highs and lows that accompany every late night design session and critical review can be exhausting – each semester brings with it mental challenges that leave a permanent impression…

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Woman in Gold.. . . the film

Here as well Anne http://flip.it/FxHJZ


Woman in Gold by Gustav Klimt

This film is a glimpse into the Nazis of  the third Reich  plundering art work throughout Europe. Helen Mirren, tells  the true  story of one Jewish women’s battle to recover her family’s stolen art, six decades after the German soldiers plundered her family’s gorgeous Viennese apartment.  This Klimt painting was of Mirren’s aunt and had hung in the family’s living room.

Ryan Reynolds plays a young attorney who agrees to help  her.  He is able to hold  his own against Mirren’s magnificent acting.

The film has lovely glimpses of Vienna, one of the most monumental and elegant cities in Europe.  Another very popular painting by Gustave Klimt is “The Kiss.”

Gustav Klimt The Kiss, 1907
Official BBC trailer :

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The Rest of the Story !



We met a young Indian couple, at a dinner party with friends  who are both physicians, while in India.   He was an Ear, Nose and Throat doc and she an OBGYN.  She had lots of stories  with which to entertain the assembled group and also a number of  phone calls to answer from her patients.  We were amazed that she took calls and even went to her clinic  once returning before the next course.  She was in private practice with no partner so I guess she was used to interrupting phone calls. I am sure, though, that at some time she would have another doctor cover for her.  Indians are very hard workers but 24/7 is an impossible task.

The stories that interested us most were about the families’ reaction when a baby is born into their family.  When a boy was born there was celebrations and visits from…

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It All Starts with a Birth of a Girl

And again here http://flip.it/FxHJZ


MAY 21, 2015

This amazing village in India plants 111 trees every time a girl is born

by Chelsea White

Every culture has its own traditions surrounding the birth of a child, but this one might be my favorite.

In a country that historically favors the birth of a son, Piplantri village in India has created a new tradition that not only celebrates the birth of a daughter, but also benefits the community and the planet. You see, every time a girl is born they plant 111 trees. That’s right, 111 trees!

This eco-conscious tradition was started by a former village leader when his own daughter passed away at an early age. Since then over a quarter of a million trees have been planted, ensuring that with each new generation the future gets a little greener.

piplantri body image 6 650.jpg

As part of the tradition in Piplantri, the village also creates a “trust”. With contributions…

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Fort Ticonderoga


Fort_Ticonderoga,_Ticonderoga,_NY“Fort Ticonderoga, Ticonderoga, NY” by Mwanner – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

Welcome to Fort Ticonderoga ! It sits high above the western shore of Lake Champlain.  Originally , it  was constructed by the French and called Carillon. It was the site of bitter fighting and seized by the British during the French and India War (1754-1763).  Later the fort was captured by the Americans in the first official victory of the American Revolution (1775).0913-wkd-webclrTICONDEROGAmap

The French and Indian War which was really the French verses the English with various Native American tribes choosing sides with the country they felt would leave their land and disruption of their lives.  In all actuality  this  was the 1st World War as there was fighting on four continents over shipping routes, land, wealth and power.


FD_at_DI_t670 (1)

With the end of that conflict, the end of…

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Cook Mountain

Added your posts to your magazine here as well Anne 🌹 http://flip.it/FxHJZ


CookMt-sunset-CarlHeilmanII1-wpcf_1400x480The view from the summit of Cook Mountain at Lake George in the Adirondacks in New York.

We learned from  a good  source  that Cook Mountain was a good  climb for novice climbers. It was said to be a gentle climb with only a slight and short steep incline.  Our house was just across the lake and our view all week. We chose a coolish day of 60 degrees to try  the gentle climb which we thought was 1.9 miles and would take an hour or so!   Oh, were we in for a surprise!

At the trail entrance, we found some hiking sticks that we were happy to  borrow. The first section was a lovely trail where we crossed streams, looked and the  plants and just laughed and talked as the kids would run ahead and then wait for us. Soon, the grade became steeper, at first in a…

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Easy Homemade Toothpaste

Really nice post 🌹


If you would have told me, just two years ago, that I would be using essential oils, I would have laughed.

If you would have told me, just two years ago, that I would be making (and loving) my own toothpaste, I would have de-friended you. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love those bubbly tingling scrubbers called “fresh” in your mouth from brushing your teeth right after downing a bloomin’ onion?


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