Something to think about …. “Bottom line: We Are All The Same”!!

It Is What It Is


~~July 16, 2015~~ 


If people took a minute to think
Would we have war?
If people took a moment to care
Would we have strife?
If people would just listen
Would we be able to sing?
Sing our song
The song that free us all
The song that plays in us all
Black, white, red or in between
We are all the same
Christian, Catholic, or Buddhist
We are all the same
We are all equal
We have dreams and wants
Desires and goals
We all sin and do wrong
None are above others
We are all the same
So why don’t we take a moment to think
If we are all the same
The why do we act as we do
For we are the same
No more, No less
We are all the same

~Janelle Morehart~




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