A punt on the dunny

Same as with the previous post.


SPORTSBET ADVERTISEMENT: Havin’ a punt on the dunny.

Punt meaning;  Bet or speculate on something (Ref)

Dunny meaning; Dunny or dunny can is Australian slang for toilet, either the room or the specific fixture, especially an outhouse or other outdoor toilets. It is often used to specify a distinction between a flushing toilet and a non-flushing toilet (e.g., a longdrop or thunderbox). First used in print in 1952, the word is believed to be derived from the much older ‘dunnakin’ (also spelled ‘dunnigin’ and ‘dunegan’)[1] meaning privy. (Ref Wikipedia)

We’re taking a punt and have the business and our apartment for sale. The agents have 3 months to make the sale. We can sell the business and apartment together or separately. The business and unit are being sold by RAAS and the apartment is also listed with Ray White. If we haven’t sold we…

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