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Couple Receive Offensive Comments After Posting Wedding Bouqet Selfie

This is the sick world of people who cannot see love❤️ in their lives so add hateful comments as in this post – disgusting !

Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

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Vara din poveşti

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Denisa Aricescu

Vara din poveşti

Prin geamurile sparte de tunet,
Vara pătrunse în încăpere
Infăşurându-şi chipul după perdea.
Tremura, avea buzele sângerânde.
Cireşele-i căzură din buzunare.
Am îmbrăţişat, vara cu tot dorul !
Mi-a zâmbit, deşi era rănită.
Mi-a promis că va rămâne un timp la căbănuţă.
Soarele o vindeca.
La răsărit, îi pansa fiecare rană
Şi îi săruta palmele la apus.
Fericirea din privirile lor
Îmi dezmorţea sufletul de căutări…
Vara din poveşti mă regăsea citind,
Şi-mi punea flori de levănţică la fereastră.
Fotografia îmi aparţine în totalitate.
Vara din poveşti a început să facă destăinuiri începând cu o grădină de munte, flori împletite, hârtie colorată din palmele soarelui, carioci şi cuvinte. M-a aşezat pe iarba umedă într-o seară şi chicoteam împreună.
Nu ştiu câţi dintre dumnevoastră cunosc faptul că pe lângă încercările parcimonioase de a scrie versuri, cea de-a doua mea pasiune este să creez semne de carte

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The Two Sisters of Tonga by L. Martel


This is just a side step from the music for the summer. The two paintings, oil on canvas, were completed in 1983 are the two sisters of Tonga. One is called “The Beauty” and the other is “The Gentle One”. “The Beauty” hangs in our living room and she gazes off to the right deep in thought or perhaps in ainxiety. “The Gentle One” is placing a flower in her hair.IMG_0603IMG_0597

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The Despairing Child by L. Martel


This is a 20″x24″ oil on canvas completed sometime in the 1980’s and is called “The Despairing Child”. I think he was a victim of war. It is always the children who suffer.

agis iphone pics june 24, 2015 095

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The night is long for you to voice your inmost secrets…Gece sırlarını söylemek,yalvarmak için uzundur….Rumi ♥

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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said ;
The night is long, do not shorten it with your sleep.
The day is bright, do not darken it with your sins.

The night is long for you to voice your inmost secrets and ask for your needs without the distraction of others, without the disturbance of friends and foes. You are granted peace and privacy as Allah draws down the veil before the eyes of others, so your acts may be honest, truthful and done wholly for Allah swt.

At night the hypocrite is exposed. The world may be hidden by the dark and shown clearly by the light of day, but at night the hypocrite stands revealed from the sincere.

Since nobody is watching, the hypocrite says, for whose sake should I pretend. Somebody is watching, but the hypocrite s eyes are closed and cannot see that One.

In times…

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Tips for a peaceful life….Huzurlu Bir Yaşam İçin İpuçları….

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semras world.


1. Be like the bee, which lands on fragrant flowers and fresh branches.

2. You do not have time to seek out people’s defects and mistakes.

3. If Allah is with you, them who do you have to fear?

4. If Allah is against you, what hope do you have?

5. The fire of envy consumes the body, and excessive jealousy is like a raging fire.

6. If you do not prepare today, then you will not be able to do anything tomorrow.

7. Withdraw peacefully from places where idle arguments are going on.

8. Let your morals and attitude be even more beautiful than a garden.

9. Do acts of kindness and you will be the happiest of people.

10. Leave people to their Creator, leave the envier to death and forget about any enemy.

11. The pleasure of haram (forbidden by Allah) actions is followed by regret, loss…

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