The night is long for you to voice your inmost secrets…Gece sırlarını söylemek,yalvarmak için uzundur….Rumi ♥

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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said ;
The night is long, do not shorten it with your sleep.
The day is bright, do not darken it with your sins.

The night is long for you to voice your inmost secrets and ask for your needs without the distraction of others, without the disturbance of friends and foes. You are granted peace and privacy as Allah draws down the veil before the eyes of others, so your acts may be honest, truthful and done wholly for Allah swt.

At night the hypocrite is exposed. The world may be hidden by the dark and shown clearly by the light of day, but at night the hypocrite stands revealed from the sincere.

Since nobody is watching, the hypocrite says, for whose sake should I pretend. Somebody is watching, but the hypocrite s eyes are closed and cannot see that One.

In times…

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