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People are talking about this wedding photo for two adorable reasons that you just have to see

#AceFriendsNews – June.17: KNOXVILLE, Tn — As 4-year-old Anderson Hall’s mom Michelle prepared to marry Anthony Palmer, Anderson told everyone “it’s my wedding too.”

At the rehearsal, she did more than talk about it. When the moment came to “kiss the bride,” Anderson grabbed Ike, the surprised ring bearer, and laid a smooch on him he won’t soon…
People are talking about this wedding photo for two adorable reasons that you just have to see


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It’s not just a normal walk in the park for this pup

No need for the leash with this dog, but he’s got it anyway. Koufax, then a nine-week-old Golden Retriever, is seen in this video closely following his dad’s wheelchair, dragging his leash behind him. In the description, a family member writes Koufax is now a year old and still yanks his leash loose to venture… It’s not just a normal walk in the park for this pup


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15. The Hat – Part 14 of 17


Allison Grayhurst




Tonight will we land

in the blue room, with

sacred walls

and the ceiling too high to

touch, even with a chair?

Will the hot

locust bride pass our vision

until we kneel as one

before her hiss and drum?

Will I be under your arms,

under the covers, chocking on

the darkness or grinding

a little light on my lips to

entertain your kisses?

Up there where the doors

too seldom open for the revelation

walk, someone speaks to me

like a thin wind drifting down here,

down below. I hope it is you.

I have come so far for your green-river ride.

Tonight the leaves

will gather in the

graveyards, and your hands will be

promising what your tongue

is too worn

to utter.


Copyright © 1991 by Allison Grayhurst


Fire and more cover -



First published in “Cosmic Trend – Subtle Fires”  1994

img331  img332img333.

You can…

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The Individual Soul and the Spontaneous Action of Nature Through Oneness

Sri Aurobindo Studies

From our human standpoint, knowledge is something that needs to be built up, acquired with effort and involves the accumulation of sense impressions (facts), the organization of those sense impressions and then the application of logical tools of the mind to make sense out of them, eventually creating therefrom a symbolic set (language, symbols or imagery) that stores the sense that we have derived and which then allows us to communicate and share that information with others. All of this represents what Sri Aurobindo terms “separative knowledge”. Because of the limitations of this way of knowing, we always have a fragmentary and derived knowledge rather than a complete and unified knowledge.

Similarly, our will to action is based on the fragmented and separated knowledge base we have acquired and we thus have limited and weak ability to put our knowledge into action.

There is, however, another kind of knowing, which…

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Human beings

Byron Bay Meditation & Mindfulness


We are human beings, not human doings.
Yet most of our lives we are busy trying to achieve certain things for an uncertain future thinking that it will provide us with a certain security.
As if.
Life is uncertain and that’s the only certainty.
So we need to remember to stop and be.
Doing less and being more.
Because life doesn’t happen in the future, it only happens in the present.
So let’s pause, let’s breathe, let’s BE here and now.
Because here now IS our lives.
K. Wilson

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Damn This Wine Be Fine


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