Executing The Unexpected

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THE MIND OF RD REVILO, The Blog (& Podcasts) 4 BLACK Men

  • Hate Producing Hate
  • Is a fasciststate
  • Divide and conquer
  • Set him against her
  • Remembering, the way we were
  • PR is an auto-driven car
  • Useless people, Blackas tar
  • Themselves, they mutilate and mar
  • Hate producing Hate
  • Is a fascist state
  • Spontaneous planned disruptions
  • Strategic random eruptions
  • Guiltless, convicted, corruptions
  • Got money, need some mo’
  • Worthless people, White as snow
  • Hi-tech and still ass slow
  • Hate producing Hate
  • Isa fascist state
  • Like a flightless bird
  • The word, heard
  • Pensthe herd
  • Pavlov dogs, into the trap
  • Sent murdering, by any mishap
  • Can’t read, can rap
  • Hate producing Hate
  • Is a fascist state
  • Conspirators controlling strings
  • Emaciated, educated, to desire things
  • Ejaculating is emancipating
  • Nothing lacks in those skinny slacks
  • Except a mind locked in an egg sack
  • Bitterness bound by fact
  • Hate producing Hate
  • Is a fascist state
  • Norm-ing the natural into synthetics
  • Vicing the vigilantinto the pathetic
  • Action

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End of act

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久しぶりの『茜 色』〜いいことあるかな^^


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Sunday chores are such a bore.

Cleaning the windows


Lunch was the best part of my day. Starting with this…

BreadAdd the butter…


Fill the roll with these sweet Australian Tiger prawns

PrawnsGet stuck into it


Gonna spread you like butter
Give ya all my bread
Don’t want no other girl in my bed
Gonna spread you like butter
Give ya all my bread (ref azlyrics)

Have a fabulous week!

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fresco at the church entrance

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Monochrome Monday: Morning Rays

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I find beautiful scenery in the morning would bring positive energy to start my day. I spent a weekend in one of villages in the Netherlands, enjoying its nature and serenity. This image was taken at early morning when I walked around the village with my dog. I created a gif file using my photoshop CS to show the color (original) and the monochrome version. Which one do you prefer, the color or the monochrome? Please vote your preference through this polling (comments are closed):

indahs_monochrome in instagram

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what grows around seeds around

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