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Dauin: Muck Diving with the Clowns

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Located in the Philippine province of Negros Oriental, Dauin offered exciting dive sites for the muck divers; scuba divers who loves muck diving. Not many scuba divers love this type of diving, this is a type of dive where scuba divers dive in sandy or sediment bottom to look for weird looking sea animals. There is no pretty corals, but more dark sand slope with artificial reef like car tires or unused bikes in the dive sites. However in Dauin, the sandy slope dive sites are often accompanied by few corals with anemone fish, the clownfish! The clownfish were seen almost in every dive sites, what a joy!

Muck Dive Sites

There are 15 dive sites in Dauin alone and several dive sites in Apo Island and Siquijor Island. Both Islands can be accessed from Dauin by boat. We were also diving in Apo Island but I will write about it on…

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