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THE MIND OF RD REVILO, The Blog (& Podcasts) 4 BLACK Men

  • Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Our speaker, may begin
  • Tolerance, Our Reverend
  • I am here to announce
  • There isno sin
  • There is nothing wrong with
  • Men loving men
  • Women lusting women
  • The best love
  • Is men loving boys, male children
  • Dorians, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates
  • All lauded eromenos loving his erastes
  • Jesus died for all sin
  • Including sons loving fathers, men
  • It is why within our trinity
  • There is no femininity
  • We refer to her as a nun
  • Nothing, nobody
  • Interests in her, our God has none
  • In the Talmud, taught by our Rabbi
  • The world is bestwhen
  • Love, eros, is highest
  • Between men and boy children
  • So natural it is notsexual sin
  • This is why we lowered the African
  • This Kaffir beast placed
  • Her at the head of the Supreme Trinity
  • With him and the child following behind
  • Our Holy Ghost removed herfrom mind
  • The

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