Boat trip

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Storia illustrata

Nice one Love black and white photo’s shows my age 😀


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مهاترة… مسخرة الوضع الدائم

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نادية حرحش

مسخرة الوضع القائم

بينما اقلب باوراقي القديمة لا اعرف بالضبط لما … اهو فراغ ،ملل ، ام بحث عن شيء ما .. استوقفني عنوان كنت قد كتبته قبل اشهر ، او ربما سنة او سنوات … “مسخرة الوضع القائم ”
وكان ما يلي :

أحاول الإبتعاد قليلا عن متابعة الأخبار الداخلية . فالعالم أصبح متداخلا ، ويبدو الشأن الداخلي فيه ثانويا مع تصدر داعش وإخوانها حدود ما كانت تسمى أوطان.
وأغيب قليلا لتكون العناوين هي نفسها . أفكر أحيانا بالصور المعروضة لاجتماعات لابد انها قديمة حديثة. فصياغة الأخبار تشبه حالنا الساخر ، لا يوجد فيها جديد الا التاريخ.
وتستوقفني كالعادة بعض العناوين المتصدرة صفحات الاعلام . “المصالحة” المصالحة التي تعثرت بعد اعلان حكومه الوفاق التي تعثرت على اثر تعطيل الرواتب الخخخخخخ
ولا يسعني الا ان اضحك بعض ضحكة تشكل على شفاهي إشارة ساخرة كان زوجي السابق يكرهها ، لا بد انها مقيتة لدرجة كلفتني مرات دفعة إلى الحائط او عقاب…

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#AcePictureBook ‘ World Turtle Day just Yesterday ‘

It’s World Turtle Day – a 23rd a little late but so cute and the day that spotlights…
05/23/2015 10:21 AM EDT


It’s World Turtle Day – a day that spotlights turtles and tortoises and how we can protect them.

Kara Wall snapped this cute pic of two baby sea turtles snuggling at Dry Tortugas National Park in Florida. Five different types of sea turtles are found in the waters of south Florida, and the park is famous for the abundance of sea turtles that annually nest in the area. But remember, no matter how cute the turtles are, visitors are not allowed to disturb sea turtles or their nests. Photo from

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#AcePictureBook: ‘ Balanced Rock at National Park in Utah ‘

Balanced Rock at Arches National Park in Utah beneath the…
05/24/2015 10:36 AM EDT


Balanced Rock at Arches National Park in Utah beneath the amazing Milky Way and night sky. The park has over 2,000 natural stone arches, in addition to hundreds of soaring pinnacles, massive fins and giant balanced rocks. This red rock wonderland will amaze you with its formations, refresh you with its trails, and inspire you with its mesmerizing night skies. Photo courtesy of Mike Mezeul II.

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The Skeptic said “What if you are wrong?”I said “What if I am right?”…/… Kuşkucu dedi ki: “Ya sen yanlışsan?” Dedim ki: “Ya ben haklıysam?”

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-The Skeptic said “What if you are wrong?”I said “What if I am right?”
The Atheist said “How is there a Creator?”I said “How is there a Creation?”-
-The Christian  said “Love God and worship Jesus”I said “Love Jesus and worship God”
-The Jew said “God will always be true to his covenant with us”I said “Have you been always true to your covenant with God?”
-The Buddhist said “The purpose of life is to discover Enlightenment”Isaid “Enlightenment IS to discover the purpose of life”
-The Polytheist said “I worship gods that hear me and intercede with the almighty God”I said “I worship the one God, who is mighty enough to hear me without intercessors”
-The Secularist said “Politics, Wars and killing for religion is bad”I said “Politics, Wars and killing for materialism is evil”
-The Evolutionist said “The universe created life by itself, without need for God”I said “Did…

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The woes of writer’s block.

Maybe this share and a little care will help l added you to this mag link as well

My only thought on writers block is that l was a really successful business man in finance and l tried too hard and ended up with a breakdown l was 36 at the time.

I am now 61 and l realise why l failed and had this block until now – l was doing to please other people not myself .

Hope that helped because your great post helped me a lot., you have to go back to go forward remember God moves in mysterious ways, well l have great faith now but before my block l had none.

Let me know how you get on Ian ❤️


Life is a journey. It can be a smooth dual carriageway with no traffic, or it can be a decrepid country lane full of potholes. Ultimately it has to move on and you have to be prepared to move on with it. Things can be tough at times, and you may have had a difficult life or have gone through some turbulent events, but there is always the future to look forward to. Sometimes chances and opportunities may present themselves in your life, and it is up to you to exploit them and turn things around. Each of these golden chances is a chance to make things fresh.

I have seen people get divorced, get hurt, lose important things and people in their lives. I have seen people suddenly witness their health go into decline, or fall helplessly into a dark and soulless pit of despair. For them, I can try…

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Storia illustrata

“Mom Thanks State Trooper For Not Stereotyping Her Son”-A Heartwarming Story

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Samina's Forum for police support

Virginia State Trooper Matt Okes With Joseph

Trooper’s Kindness Goes Viral 



Danville, Va.- A Virginia State Trooper went all out to help a young man. Now, his kindness has gone viral.

Dr. Nada Owusu said her son had just finished his exams at Virginia Tech and was on his way home to Danville, when a tire blew out on his car. The trooper pulled over to help.

Dr. Owusu tells ABC 13 she was just trying to give a little recognition to the trooper for keeping her son safe. Next thing she knew, it was being shared everywhere.

The post has been shared almost 20,000 times as of late Tuesday afternoon. Montel Williams even commented on it.

Dr. Owusu said the tire blew out along a dark part of Route 220. The trooper, Matt Okes, pulled over to help. He tried helping Joseph change the tire, but they couldn’t…

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