The Skeptic said “What if you are wrong?”I said “What if I am right?”…/… Kuşkucu dedi ki: “Ya sen yanlışsan?” Dedim ki: “Ya ben haklıysam?”

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-The Skeptic said “What if you are wrong?”I said “What if I am right?”
The Atheist said “How is there a Creator?”I said “How is there a Creation?”-
-The Christian  said “Love God and worship Jesus”I said “Love Jesus and worship God”
-The Jew said “God will always be true to his covenant with us”I said “Have you been always true to your covenant with God?”
-The Buddhist said “The purpose of life is to discover Enlightenment”Isaid “Enlightenment IS to discover the purpose of life”
-The Polytheist said “I worship gods that hear me and intercede with the almighty God”I said “I worship the one God, who is mighty enough to hear me without intercessors”
-The Secularist said “Politics, Wars and killing for religion is bad”I said “Politics, Wars and killing for materialism is evil”
-The Evolutionist said “The universe created life by itself, without need for God”I said “Did…

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