Garma Karhi by swo8 Blues Jazz


Garma Karhi means hot curry in Hindi. I like my curry hot, do you?

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A lesson in a dream / Rüyanın içinde bir ders…

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Once upon a time there was a man walking in the jungles where the magnificent nature and long trees. He was enjoying the view of the thick trees covering the sunlight, listening to the birds singing, smelling the odor of the flowers. While he was fascinated by those views. He heard the sound of quick running and Is becoming clearer and nearer, the man turned and saw a great hungry lion coming fast towards him. The empty bellied lion was coming nearer and nearer. The man began to run like the wind with the lion running after him. When the lion became too close the mane noticed this old well. Without thinking the man jumped into it holding a strong rope that dangled inside it.

After a while, he calmed down and the roar of the angry hungry lion faded away. But suddenly he heard the hissing sound of a…

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Vrouwen met ballen

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Tine ©ornillie

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This is Annabel.

100 Ways to Write


I thought I’d add a new category to the “Mega Writing,” called “Shorts.” This is a piece I wrote a couple years ago for a competition, and I’m so honored it made it to New York! Remember this site is also a place for my portfolio, so please enjoy, everyone!


            I tap my finger anxiously on my thigh, the only thing stopping the rest of my body from shaking uncontrollably. It’s those moments that get to you, the ones that are so unbearable to the point that your mind is anywhere but in the present, an escape passage. Yet, there are those moments, like this one, that can’t help you escape, that do the exact opposite of that: trapping you in, creating kaleidoscopes of memories that sharpen into arrows and are thrown at you simultaneously. And the simple tapping of a finger is the only meter keeping me…

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