Jolted into a scene my mind struggled to comprehend

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The pain that felt like my spine had explode thrust me into this place. It was dark, there is a silhouette like a structure pole in front of me to the left.  There were other people around me but in the darkness I could not see them. The atmosphere felt like I was in a war or battle. I felt as if I was inside not out in the open, yet I could not sense any walls. This was all my mind could process for almost instantly I received another excruciating pain in the right side of my back around my kidney. My mind asked if I had been stabbed. I knew I was dying. Jolted awake by the pain, I lay there.

I awoke in a dream
I didn’t know it was a dream until I awoke

I don’t usually dream. I sleep lightly. Gee, if that’s what dreaming…

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