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Chipul împietrit al nopții – http://wp.me/p1FVXj-m0

My World And Welcome To It……………………..Have a day and other Georgia Baseball Sayings

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20150210_192518It has been 3 months since I wrote my last post. The big question is did the blog go somewhere else? Did it come to a whimpering end? The answer is NO! I had to take a 3 month hiatus from writing to coach Georgia High School baseball……………….. well OK I was an assistant coach but I still coached baseball. The season is almost over and now I am back my fine readers I am back!

In my past posts I wrote about Georgia football being unique but so is Georgia Baseball but in a different way. After living in Georgia for 10 years I had thought that  I had finally learned to at least understand “Georgia Speak” if not speak the language…………….or so I thought. I was doing pretty well until I began coaching baseball. In the world of Georgia High School baseball there seems to be a language…

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The Winner & Honorable Mention of Nudi Series Nembrotha – http://wp.me/p2MGh-1Iw

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Featured Photographer: Aleksandar Matic – http://wp.me/p2MGh-1Jf

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Qur’an & Koran & ‏القرآن‎ & Corán & Koranen & Alcorão & To All My Dear Friends, Have a Blessed Frid… – http://wp.me/ptTGD-1AH