“The Sorcery Of Our Story” by A Shade Of Pen & TooFullToWrite

A Shade Of Pen

So, it is no surprise that I love habits and traditions. We just made it a tradition to write a duet every NAPoWriMo. I absolutely adore writing with David Ellis because he is a conjuror who brings words to life. He makes me sure that my fetish for British people is justified 😀

The leaves ruffle in the air

Even the wind seems to be humming our song

The melody carries me on the wings of angels

Straight to the first time

When my eyes fell upon you


A spell was cast that day

One of gorgeous light, dispersing the darkness

The veil had been lifted

Life had revealed a divine gift for us to cherish


A hundred thoughts

Buzzed into my mind’s honeypot

Was this all just a lucid dream

Woven into the fabric of space and time

Or a fragile vase poised to shatter


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