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Tips to New Bloggers ~ Don’t Blog Like A Self Professed Power Blogger, Opinionated Man

Opinionated Man:

Someone needs a hug. Please go give him one. 🙂

Originally posted on Andy Kaufman’s Kavalkade Krew Featuring The Wandering Poet:

Hillbilly Blogger, rather than reading the extensive documentation provided, chose to blog ad hominem attacks and less than factual information when he pinged my blog about Opinionated Man.

It seems he took offense to my reply that I blogged, which basically treated him in kind to his initial blog to me.

I had never heard of Hillbilly Blogger prior to his blog on the subject of Opinionated Man and my blogging about his anti social behavior.

If you arrive with a factless argument, and ignore everything that has occured AND IS DOCUMENTED, proclaim you haven’t read a thing,. why would you think I…

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‘The Squeeze’, Harry Barton, 1955

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Harry Barton: The Squeeze, paperback cover, 1955


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A Cool-Sounding Deep House Track From Sharam

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