What do you do?

Well first another nice post. I have done many things in my life – left school at 16. Ladies Hairdresser, Insurance Man, Insurance Broker, Financier, Management Consultant Agency now providing contracts of help and guidance to people in need. Ian


I am a property manager. I purchased the management rights to Point Plaza Apartments in Woody Point, Queensland, Australia in 2009. This is a 25 year contract to manage the complex and allows me to act as the rental agent. I can sell the contract if I wish at any time.

As the building care-taker my duties include organising contractors for maintenance work, cleaning common property and reporting to the Body Corporate.

Our complex is an 8 story building with 48 apartments and we have 7 retail shops on the ground level.

I have a rental pool of about 17 apartments which I rent out on long-term leases. I do not do holiday letting, preferring a more relaxed lifestyle.

Many building managers hire staff to do the cleaning and odd jobs but I prefer to pocket the money myself and not have the dramas associated with staff. The common property…

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