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A Tale of Sheikh Saadi of Shiraz & Şeyh Sadi Şirazi’den bir hikaye …!!!

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I have heard that a learned old man was saying to one of his scholar’s, ” If a man would but fix his mind as much on Allah as he does on worldly goods, he would surpass the angels. Allah did not forget you when you were as yet unformed in the womb, but bestowed on you a soul, with reason, temper, intellect, beauty, speech, judgment, reflection, and sensation; he furnished thy hands with ten fingers, and set two arms on thy shoulders.

Dost thou think, O worthless wretch, that he will neglect to provide thee with daily bread?

Bir şeyhin, yetiştirdiği müridine şöyle dediğini duydum: “İnsanlar nzka bağlandıklan kadar, nzık sahibine de bağlansalardı yaratılışça meleklerin üstüne çıkarlardı.”Ana karnında bir cenin iken, Rabb’in seni asla unutmadı. Sana ruh, akıl, beden,düşünce,Görüş, bilgi, anlayış, güzellik ve huy verdi.Hepsi de birbirinden hünerli,eline on parmak, omzuna iki kol dizdi.

Ey cimri insan! Bunlara rağmen.Rabb’in…

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Top 5 Free Public DNS Servers

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The DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is a benchmark technology for supervising the names of Websites and other domain names. This technology permits you to write names of websites like on your search engines and you’re desktop to routinely search that address on the Internet. Combination of DNS servers is the major element of the DNS. A DNS server is a kind of globe on which other countries exists. Similarly on DNS servers, the address of various other Internet hosts, database of network names exists.

DNS is the key element of Internet service. When your computer is connected to the Internet, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) automatically allocates primary and secondary DNS server addresses to your desktop. DNS server is a kind of telephone directory for the Internet that interprets hostname of the computer into IP address. DNS servers of ISP cannot handle traffic during major…

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“Two genius” mailart collage for 4th article in Catharsis Magazine.

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