‘ Roger the Kangaroo & Bear ‘

This is Roger. I dare you to take his teddy. – Imgur: http://m.imgur.com/AZDQYCi


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Cottleston Pie

Heard something similar about Cottleston Pie here really loved the Muppets enjoy: https://youtu.be/KJ_07C89Tp0

method two madness

cottleston pie s

This is an assignment done for an Illustrator class many years ago that I found in a file when I was looking for something else.  Pooh’s song seems perfect for the end of a week in April when once again spring can’t seem to decide to stay.

Cottleston Cottleston Cottleston Pie,
A fly can’t bird, but a bird can fly.
Ask me a riddle and I reply
Cottleston Cottleston Cottleston Pie.

Cottleston Cottleston Cottleston Pie,
Why does a chicken? I don’t know why.
Ask me a riddle and I reply
Cottleston Cottleston Cottleston Pie.

Cottleston Cottleston Cottleston Pie,
A fish can’t whistle and neither can I.
Ask me a riddle and I reply
Cottleston Cottleston Cottleston Pie.

I’ll be away for a few days…enjoy the weekend, see you next week.

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Deliver Us From, Deliverance

Great post!


  • Bygones Be Gone
  • Or rights write wrongs
  • No, Deliverance
  • Is deliberate, not chance
  • The Haves, got
  • What they got
  • By killing enough people
  • Until they knew
  • There was NO deliver us from the evil
  • They were going through
  • Now that we’ve got what we’ve got
  • The Law is written
  • It’s illegal to do 
  • What we did to you
  • In turn, the evil  taught them
  • There was always
  • A chance
  • At deliverance
  • A chance
  • If they completed their socialization
  • A chance
  • If they were loyalto the new nation
  • A chance
  • If they learned an education
  • A chance
  • If they toiled diligently
  • A chance
  • If they behaved legally
  • A chance
  • If they remainedpeacefully
  • Trying to change their circumstance
  • A chance
  • If they lived and died faithfully
  • A chance
  • If they forgot their history
  • A chance
  • If you forfeited receiving an apology
  • A Dream is put in the head of the…

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Power Plant Pilfering and Being Peeved with Peavler

Power Plant Men

Originally posted April 5, 2014:

Today, work ended in a strange way.  I was working away at Dell when I had a call with a business partner to go over some configuration of our timekeeping application.  When I joined the call, the person on the other end of the line, who usually sounded like a normal woman with a slightly Hispanic accent sounded more like an insect alien with a very nervous tic.

I tried several quick remedies on my computer to resolve the audio issues I was experiencing.  You see, at Dell, when we use the telephone, we are actually using our computer with a headset attached.  After shutting down a few processes that I knew were not necessary in the hope of clearing up our communication, I thought that maybe rebooting my computer would be the simple solution.  That was the lesson I had learned back at the…

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To be a…Father.!


It was the most comfortable bed for me,
When he held me in his strong arms for the first time.

It was the most amusing gallop I could ever have,
When he carried me onto his back for the first time.

It was the most solicitous amble I could ever go on,
When he clutched my index finger for the first time.

It was the most delightful day of my life,
When he took me to my school for the first time.

Today, I can see him as the most delighted person,
When he’s watching me walk through the crowd.

I can feel that solace in his heart,
When he is seeing me achieve that award.

I can see his chest go wide in proud,
When he’s hearing that applaud he knew I’ll earn.

● AR ●

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Mi-am amintit

Beautiful words from a Beautiful Person. Ian

Denisa Aricescu

Mi-am amintit

Mi-am amintit cum e să uit de tine,
Cum e să uit de suflet, de speranţă şi de gând,
Mi-am amintit. Cuvântul zace-n mine,
Pe o hârtie, într-un răsunet şi în trup.

Mi-am amintit cum e să uit de fericire
Cum e să uit că ar fi existat, copil fiind
Mi-am amintit. Iubirea-i amintire,
E un surâs ce-aşteaptă suferind.

Mi-am amintit cum e să uit de şoapta ta
Cum e să uit că m-alintai din mângâiere
Mi-am amintit. Destinul m-ascundea,
Şi risipeam dorinţele-n tăcere.

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Storia illustrata