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Hand in Hand For Healing! – by Erika Kind

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hand in hand wallpaperThere are many of our lovely friends dealing with health issues or mental problems, or are in the midst of working themselves through the wounds of their pasts, having impacting decisions to make, or worrying about a close person.

First and foremost I dedicate this post to you my dearest friends.

We never know what life will bring. One day – one moment – can change everything.

However, simply because change is the one true constant in life, there is always reason to believe that things will change again. Health can improve; we can make peace with the past; stressful times of pressure will pass; solutions will appear; distance from issues can make them lessen in intensity or even dissolve.

Of course there are events in life which won’t change anymore and things can happen which stay with us for a while. But whatever it is you are going through…

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spring – the time of love and new cars

Really nice memories post, my first new car was a Ford Escort Sport in Red, and l was just 21. That was 40 years ago – how time flies. Ian


It’s spring, when thoughts turn to love and cars. Fondly I recall my first new car, a 1974 Toyota Corolla. I was so green I didn’t know you could negotiate the cost so I paid the full sticker price. I went in to pick it up tried to haggle with the salesman and he said, “You can’t do that.”

“Oh, OK” What did I know about the world?

Imagine $4,300.00 for a new car. It thrilled to drive it off the lot and if I lurched about trying to learn to drive a stick, that excited too.

It was the perfect car to drive about the Midwest for rugby matches, including the Ohio Under 23 select side match against Michigan. I drove with “Moose” and we won the game, on the
way home my mileage was way down and I was sure my car new car was failing. Imagine my…

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Brahminy Kite

Really nice post as usual and just love seeing birds in flight. Take Care Ian.


The Brahminy Kite is a coastal bird, particularly around mangrove swamps and estuaries but can sometimes be seen over forests and along rivers. It feeds on carrion, insects and fish swooping low over water, ground or tree tops and snatching its prey. It also steals from fish-hunting birds, snatching prey in flight. Its nest is built in living trees near water, often mangrove trees, is large, made from sticks, seaweed or driftwood and lined with a variety of materials such as lichens, bones, seaweed and even paper. (ref Osprey House)

This guy was enjoying the windy conditions over Bramble Bay at Woody Point, Queensland, Australia this morning.


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Really Really Like Black and White. Nice Paul.

Storia illustrata

“Non-Love in More than Ten Sentences Challenge” – La Audacia de Aquiles

Lovely words thanks for sharing Ian


Siren Whispers


The water slips over her head

It’s warm

It should be soothing

But it’s not

It’s jarring to her senses

She sinks down

Farther and farther

She’s drowning

In her own needs and desires

In her feelings

But there is no escape for her

It is out of her hands

She has no control

As she realizes this

She sinks faster

Her anxiety plummeting her


Into despair

For she’s not only drowning

She’s lost something

She’s lost faith

Faith that if you tried hard enough

If you wanted it bad enough

That you could succeed

The magic and innocence in that belief is gone

She feels flat



The beacon that had always shone so bright for her


And now all she wants is to sink deeper

And feel nothing

Ever again

Photo taken from Pinterest

* This is not a new piece. It’s been sitting in…

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