Potty Mouth

I call this ‘ Sods Law ‘ just when you are getting things right – l must admit l really would like to meet Sod. Hope you are OK – Ian


Today was spent back on the tools at the house. Before I started inside, the yard needed a mow. Minding my own business, I was happily mowing around the trees when I was hit in the ear at super sonic speed by what I thought was a hug flying bug. Standing there slightly stunned I quickly realised this was no bug when the pain hit the brain. The biggest wasp I have ever seen just gave me an ear-piercing. Escaping my lips at full pitch came the words, F..k You, Mother F…ker as I ran away leaving the mower running under the tree.

I guess I have left a lasting “first impression” on the neighbours who have moved in over the past few years since I moved out and haven’t met me yet. I imagine the neighbours who still live in the area and know me were rubbing their foreheads in…

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