Full-time travel means always having to find a place to live

Everywhere Once

And that’s pretty much what’s been keeping us occupied these past few weeks that we haven’t been blogging. What started out as a temporary hiatus designed to give our full-contact-blogging related injuries time to heal, morphed into an all-out effort to nail down the specifics of our life going forward – or at least for the next eight months.

What made this particular stretch of our itinerary so challenging is that we decided to significantly slow down the pace of our travels this fall. And while normal people might think that would make planning easier, in reality it hasn’t. We’ve struggled mightily to find suitable apartments in desirable locations to rent for an entire month at a time. One month leases are mostly unheard of in the U.S., which is exactly where we’ve been trying to find them.

We were also attempting to incorporate a number of good travel deals into…

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The Path of the Heart For Spiritual Realisation

Sri Aurobindo Studies

The way of knowledge is not the only path for the seeker of the Divine. Another path is the way of the heart. The intellectual, the individual who operates primarily from the mental level, will not necessarily accept that the heart can know the Truth and respond to it; however, there is a long historical experience that ensures that the seeker who goes to the depth of the heart’s inner seat can also achieve the realisation.

Sri Aurobindo describes this debate: “The heart with its emotions and incalculable movements is to the eye of his intellect an obscure, uncertain and often a perilous and misleading power which needs to be kept in control by the reason and the mental will and intelligence. And yet there is in the heart or behind it a profounder mystic light which, if not what we call intuition–for that, though not of the mind, yet…

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OLYMPIC LEGACY: London 2012 ‘oak tree’ transformed into a primary school’s learning tool

In warmer climes, the tree makes a good spot for idle chit-chat and outdoor picnics, not forgetting to mention its natural beauty and life-giving properties, but a Surrey primary school has given a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘tree of learning’, while honouring the nation’s Olympic legacy at the same time.

Three years after London played host to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, with its spectacular opening and closing ceremonies masterfully organised by 28 Days Later and Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle, Epsom Primary & Nursery School has transformed one of the artificial oak trees used at London 2012 into a learning suite for its 547 pupils.

As part of the redevelopment at the school, which caters for children aged 3-16, the oak was taken out of storage and donated by the company that made it specially for the elaborate opening ceremony three years ago in Stratford,

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Storia illustrata


Casa care adăposteşte gânduri • Editura Excelsior Art


ireful hands
disguised as a shepherd for anxieties
started tormenting my body and mind
only to throw me to the rain’s whips
that don’t leave any trace.

They build a soothing hope
into the consolations’ crib
on my tired lips tasting so mature.

Inside each of us rests a secret yearning
of the anxieties’ flock.

… din volumul Traps / Capcane, Corina Victoria Sein, traducere în limba engleză de Mihai Mihuţ, ilustraţii de Marius Fechete, în pregătire la Ed. Excelsior Art, 2015

pentru versiunea în limba română, clik aici

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rustic architecture

HAPPY EASTER from Sicily with a cute “spring-ie” song! Buona Pasqua!