5 Day Photo Challenge: Sharks Diving

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I accept two challenges to post five photos for five consecutive days this week. The first challenge on Black and White 5 Day Challenge was invited by Wilbur’s Travel, meanwhile the second challenge on Five photos – Five stories was invited by Oda Fagerland. I combine these two challenges by posting a black and white photo and its color version with its story for five consecutive days this week.

I will invite bloggers by the end of the post to participate the challenges. The bloggers could decide to do both challenges or just one of the challenges or not doing any of the challenges at all. The rules for 5 Day Challenge are: (1)  On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W for Black and White Challenge OR in color for Five photos – Five stories Challenge;  (2) Each day invite another…

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