#AceFriendsNews – Featured Post:March.01: Susan P of the always charming blog (link at end of post…!) commented in response to Post 695, " Cats are definitely wily. And fast."

I responded back, "And how! [Andy’s on the top of the recliner, just
behind me and within grabbing distance….! He hasn’t been medicated yet
this morning. I’m thinking a quick grab and I have the little fart. He’s
receiving my brain waves over his whisker receivers, and processing the
plan as I type…! Will I catch him and get medicine down his throat…or
will he get away and hide the rest of the day, knowing I’m on the prowl?
Stay tuned!]"

Andy tried to wiggle free...!

Andy tried to wiggle free…

...but if I have to be iun the dang photo, he has no choice but to pose nicely. Well, as nicely as a hostage can!

…but if I have to be in the dang photo, he has no choice but to pose nicely. Well, as nicely as a hostage can! We were not happy!

Captured, photographed in his shame, dosed, massaged and reassured, Andy was released to spend the rest of the day munching his treats for being a good boy or to do whatever he wishes!

I dedicate today’s blog to Susan. If she hadn’t brought up the issue of wiliness in cats, I wouldn’t have felt challenged to capture Andy at that moment, and this would have been a totally different post, most likely one damning a Congress that held 315,000,000 Americans hostage over funding the Department of Homeland Security, tens of millions more than the "Islamist Terrorists of ISIS" imperil. Yeah, not as fun as a kitty post.

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