Hell and heaven on earth


svetlana baghawan maverickbirdHadibo had begun with piles of horrendous trash and it had heaped in piles, lain scattered all over its fields and clogged every inch of its dusty, unpaved alleys. Plastic had flown like butterflies and the abhorrent sight had made me sick to my gut. I had never in my wildest dream imagined an Unesco World Heritage Site to be so badly unkempt and poorly maintained and this dismal scene had spread as far as my eyes could see. Though Hadibo is the biggest town in Socotra, in reality it is a small village of around 100 houses, 1 main road and a handful of 15 shops, selling whatever arrives by flight or occasional boats. It had stood at the base of the stunning Hagghier mountain over which sun rays had fallen through the clouds in shafts. That had been the most striking and repetitive sight of Socotra and light had a special way of washing…

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