Revelation of within


A boy can’t apply lip balms.A girl can’t wear hooded jackets.A boy should loathe color pink as an option for shirts and a girl shouldn’t walk in jeans.Cricket,football and other sports should be a delight to boys whereas girls should sit in a cozy corner ameliorating her knitting skills.Today we are living in a society which is fraught with biased people, who view people through stereotypical spectacles.

                Even though we dwell within modern walls but still our windows are open to orthodox opinions.People  expect that a boy should remain within the definition of a boy and a girl shouldn’t cross the limits of a girl.A boy has to be  baseball champion and a girl should excel in embroidery work.Unless they do what hey are expected to do,they are subjected to criticism and thus their dreams and desires decay.So  here is my Revelation of Within, with my inner feelings as…

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