Revelation of within


A boy can’t apply lip balms.A girl can’t wear hooded jackets.A boy should loathe color pink as an option for shirts and a girl shouldn’t walk in jeans.Cricket,football and other sports should be a delight to boys whereas girls should sit in a cozy corner ameliorating her knitting skills.Today we are living in a society which is fraught with biased people, who view people through stereotypical spectacles.

                Even though we dwell within modern walls but still our windows are open to orthodox opinions.People  expect that a boy should remain within the definition of a boy and a girl shouldn’t cross the limits of a girl.A boy has to be  baseball champion and a girl should excel in embroidery work.Unless they do what hey are expected to do,they are subjected to criticism and thus their dreams and desires decay.So  here is my Revelation of Within, with my inner feelings as…

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Inelul de fum / 6

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Iulia simţi o uşurare imensă.
– Ştii, Andrei, orele de trudă, emoţiile intense pe care le-am trăit, în toţi aceşti ani, au însemnat mult. Cu toate acestea, în faţa şevaletului, nu mă simţeam la locul meu… până şi cea mai neînsemnată trăsătură de penel pornea din mintea mea, nu din stropul de nebunie frenetică pe care se pare că nu-l am… Poate că am talent, dar nu sunt mulţumită, poate că ceea ce fac seamănă a trădare sau a moft…
Duce paharul la gură fără să guste.
– Vrei să aduci puţină gheaţă? S-a încălzit băutura. Ai avut dreptate, nici unul dintre noi nu este un băutor autentic, totuşi, plăcerile vieţii sunt multe şi avem datoria să le căutăm. „Să fii beat sau numai ameţit echivalează cu actul fizic al dragostei”, aşa spune tata şi dacă ţin cont de insuccesele lui amoroase, îl cred.
Andrei aduce un pahar cu…

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Honey On Tap?

I Want Ice Water!

I honestly don’t know enough about traditional honey production to know if the “It’s the beekeepers dream” claim made by the Honey On Tap From Your Own Beehive folks is true, but I do know their little invention is very, very cool!

According to Benjamin Starr over at Visual News:

If you’ve ever worked with honey bees, you know the process of getting honey from their hive isn’t pleasant – for you or the bees. Not only do you need to put on protective clothing and use smoke so you won’t get stung, but the bees suffer in the process of opening the hive, often with many getting squished. That’s without even mentioning the amount of time it takes. That’s why this new hive design is so revolutionary.

Called the ‘Flow’ Hive, it puts honey on tap directly from the hive itself. Long time beekeepers Cedar and Stuart Anderson…

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Pain in the Neck Muskogee Power Plant Relay Testing

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Power Plant Men

Don’t let the title fool you.  I love testing Power Plant Protective Relays.  There is a sense of satisfaction when you have successfully cleaned, calibrated and tested a relay that is going to protect the equipment you have to work on every day.  With that said, I was hit with such an unbelievable situation when testing Muskogee Relays in 1995 that I was left with a serious pain in the neck.

On August 14, 2003 the electric power in the Northeast United States and Canada went out.  The Blackout lasted long enough to be a major annoyance for those in the that region of the United States.

Map of the power blackout in 2003 Map of the power blackout in 2003

When I heard about how the blackout had moved across the region, I immediately knew what had happened.  I was quickly reminded of the following story.  I told my wife Kelly, “I know exactly why such…

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winter notes on stave

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Phenomenal Woman.

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Visiting relatives on Chinese New Year

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Chinese new year is spent with loved ones and visiting relatives. I celebrated my own way. I went to visit my parents at the Catholic cemetary. The gates were locked so I watched pathetically from outside. Then I went to the Thai Buddhist temple Wat Chayamangkalaran to visit my grandparents and great grandparents. It’s been a tradition for as long as I can remember. My mum used to tell me to go visit them during CNY. I carried on the tradition.

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Glory to Allah, all praise belongs to Allah, Allah is the Greatest & SubhanAllah ,Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar !!

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Before you speak – listen.
Before you write – think.
Before you quit – try.
Before you die – give.
Before you complain – say Alhamdulillah( all praise belongs to Allah )

Konuşmadan önce, dinle.
Yazmadan önce, düşün.
Vazgeçmeden önce, dene.
Ölmeden önce, ver.
Şikayet etmeden önce , Alhamdülillahde.


When you start to think that life’s unfair because others are doing well, think again. Many would love to trade places with you.

Diğerlerinin işi tıkırında diye hayatın adaletsiz olduğunu düşünüyorsan, bir daha düşün. Bir çok insan senin yerinde olmak isterdi.

Mufti İsmail Menk


The best remembrance of Allah is to repeat : La ilaha ilAllah( لا إله إلا الله -There is no god but Allah) and the best prayer (du’a) is Alhamdulillah (الحمد لله -all praise belongs to Allah).

En üstün zikir ‘La ilahe illallah’ (Allahtan başka ilah yoktur)…En üstün dua ‘Alhamdülillah’ (Allah’a hamd olsun) tır .


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Storia illustrata

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