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There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”   —   Charles Dickens

(Good humor???  Damn.  Now, I want an ice cream bar!  Be well and do good, friends.)   —   YUR

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The Magic of Folk Music

Thanks for like on Ace News Desk l have had to convert over the site, as Shaun has decided to give up posting for a while. So it will be dedicated to Social & Media News. Just reblogged this post as it reminds me so much of my type of music.


Today’s post is dedicated to the folk music movement that enjoyed great popularity in the 60’s and 70’s. I grew up listening to the Beatles and Pete Seeger.  The Beach Boys and Arlo Guthrie.  So as you can see, it was Rock and Folk back then. Folk music is the music of the people. It’s lyrics deal with poverty, injustice and suffering.

I went to a Pete Seeger concert and took my husband, we sat in the grass and the entire audience sang with the band and the birds joined in with enthusiasm. We felt connected to every other person we could see. Pete has passed now but the beauty of his music endures.

Folk music deals with the lives of  “the masses”. The lyrics dealt with the coal miners, the railroad workers, the poor and the ill. It deals with those who are out of work and hungry. Those…

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“Speak good or remain silent”…!! #DontHateDebate! ”Ya hayır konuş ya da sus”…!! #NefretEtmeTartış



Mustafa Nazif

They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.

Onlar ağızlarıyla Allah’ın nûrunu söndürmek istiyorlar. Halbuki kâfirler istemeseler de Allah nûrunu tamamlayacaktır.

Sie möchten Allahs Licht auslöschen mit ihren Mündern, doch Allah wird Sein Licht vollkommen machen, auch wenn die Ungläubigen es hassen.

Quisiera apagar de un soplo la Luz de Alá, pero Alá hará que resplandezca, a despecho de los infieles.

Vogliono spegnere la luce di Allah con le loro bocche, ma Allah completerà la Sua luce a dispetto dei miscredenti .

Ils veulent étendre de leurs bouches la lumière d’Allah, alors qu’Allah parachèvera Sa lumière en dépit de l’aversion des mécréants.

Mereka ingin hendak memadamkan cahaya (agama) Allah dengan mulut (ucapan-ucapan) mereka, dan Allah tetap menyempurnakan cahaya-Nya meskipun orang-orang kafir benci.

Pretendem extinguir a Luz de Deus com as suas (infames) bocas; porém, Deus completará…

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Go With The Flow


NYFW has been the topic of the past few days with all of its new trends and styles, so when I saw the Carolina Herrera show, I knew that it was perfect to share with you guys.

IMG_5468 (Photo courtesy of Carolina Herrera official website ) With flowing lines and breezy fabrics Carolina Herrera’s pieces look like water; pure and impeccable. By using light hues of blue, neutral shades, and deep red lines, Herrera was able to catch the appearance of water and illustrate one key factor of it with the use of fluent materials. This key factor is movement. The models practically cascaded down the runway with effortless grace and style. Our most favorite look is shown below in the middle, but honestly we loved all of them!

IMG_5435 So make some waves and strut your stuff in this newest collection! More to come soon! Stay chic 😉


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Storia illustrata

Channel 4 Indian Summers filmed on location in Penang, Malaysia

I just watched Indian Summers Episode 1. I was glued to it because it was not only beautifully shot, with a good looking cast, great costumes and hair,  it was also filmed in my hometown and I could recognise a lot of the places. Penang Hill, the road leading up Penang Hill, Armenian Street in George Town, Botanical Gardens, Suffolk House, Artwork by Thomas Powell and some of the extras who were recruited locally.

With a £14million budget, Indian Summers is the most expensive drama ever commissioned by Channel 4.

“The island of Penang, off the west coast of Malaysia, may seem an unlikely home for a series set in colonial India, but the experience of empire is shared and ever-present, from the architecture to the history: the British used to retreat up Penang Hill at the height of summer, just as they did in Simla. Executive producer Charlie Pattinson…

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het leed dat carnaval heet deel 1