Bienvenido a Birmania . Welcome to Myanmar  .

The least touristic country in South East Asia , probably the best to visit . The most authentic , if I compare with the rest of the countries in South East Asia . Myanmar is very big , roads are really bad , food is cheap and delicious, many influences from  China , India , Thailand . Acommodation is expensive , if we check what they are offering . But  if you look properly , you can find good price . Transportation is cheap , opposite to acommodation ,  quality  is good .

Cama en dormitorio compartido en Yangoon Bed in a dormitory ,  Yangoon .

People are the best in Myanmar . If Im honest , the most hospitable people in South East Asia . They invited you to their home for lunch , when they dont even know how to speak English . The worst thing , there is…

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The Feather


Denisa Aricescu


M-am împotrivit
atunci când soarele-mi spunea că
razele n-au nimic în comun.
Eu ştiam că’s la fel.
M-am convins că nu-i aşa.
Mă scăldam în centrul Universului,
acolo unde nu era locul meu.
M-am împiedicat de firele deşirate de pe fusele orare
şi-am rămas împotmolită între stări.
Nu ştiam care-i adevăratul timp,
mi-era îndeajuns să ştiu că prezentul
era peste puterile mele.
Strângeam totul în braţe din Est până în Vest
Iubirea mea tăcea, voia doar s-o găsesc,
L-aveam pe el în inimă ca pe-o busolă
Destinul mă purta din oră-n oră,
iar corpurile toate fără viaţă
puteau trăi rupând,
din mine, o speranţă…
S-a aplecat spre Sud, săgeata, să îmi spună
Că-n timpul ce-l aveam puteam s-ajung pe Lună
Dar cum eram în Nord, în noaptea îngheţată
Am stins totul în gând…
Da, eu…
Tu, niciodată.

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Wayne Griffith and the Power Plant Computer Club

Power Plant Men

Originally posted February 1, 2014:

I don’t normally start a post by talking about myself. I usually reserve that for side stories. But today was very unusual. I work at Dell, and today I said goodbye to a lot of friends that decided to take a Voluntary Separation Package. People I have known for the past 12 years will be leaving on Monday. The pain I feel from their departure has brought my mind back to a dear friend of mine who worked at the power plant many years ago. Wayne Griffith, a Labor Crew hand at the Power Plant.

I normally try to keep my posts down to around 2,000 words (which is long as blog post go), so I won’t go into great detail about Wayne. That would take about 500 words for every pound that Wayne weighed. Which would result in a post 200,000 words long. You…

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Storia illustrata


Egal was die Frage ist – Hermannstadt ist die Antwort …

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The Tiniest Frogfish

indahs: dive, travel & photography

Have you ever seen a frogfish (anglerfish) this tiny? This frogfish was the tiniest one I have ever seen. He was still a baby. I was glad that I brought a measure stick during my diving to scale the fish. The fish was less than two centimeters.

Someday I will write about the frogfish on the monthly Marine Life post  😉  Stay tuned!

Photos were taken in Dauin, Negros Island, the Philippines.

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