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Trawling in Moreton Bay


The first Moreton Bay Marine Park zoning plan regulated some forms of trawling, but left 99% of the bay open to most types of fishing, with less than 1% protected in green zones, or marine national park zones. These areas set aside to protect the ocean’s rich diversity of life. Also called marine sanctuaries or marine national parks, green zones also offer a way to protect vulnerable marine species such as turtles, dolphins and dugongs and the habitats they depend on such as sea grasses, coral reefs and mangroves. They allow fish to spawn and grow, provide unspoilt natural sites for people to visit and offer areas for education and research.

In 2009, in response to ongoing community concerns, the Queensland Government released a new zoning plan for Moreton Bay Marine Park. The marine park now has 16% designated marine national park zones. A further 8% of the park has…

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Elena Poniatowska: “No le duele Mèxico, pero le dà verguenza?” ..

Rosario Castellanos de Parker (TM)


Tamara Gverdtsiteli – Granada.

Cuando no tengo ni una objeciòn AMAR las raices de nuestros padres, ya sean de España, Israel, Francia y hasta nuestro Mèxico querido, pero encuentro mucho problema la falta de respeto por aquellas personas que emigraròn a Mèxico, por estar sus paises en guerra previamente. Ahora quedò todo en el pasado, totalmente olvidado, formentando sentimientos muy fuertes en el extranjero contra la situaciòn que existe en Mèxico, muy parecido al anarquismo, racismo, fascismo y con todo su “Antisemitismo” – Cuando nuestro Mèxico querido, amado y respetado internacionalmente, como los grandes de su musica lo dejaròn bien escrito, bien entallado, bien marginado y no vamos a permitir que ningùn hij@ de su santa madrecita no lo robe. Mi hermoso Mèxico lleno de puro folklore, puro color, puro amor, puro corazòn, puro sentimiento, pura bondad, habriò las puertas a cientos de extranjeros emigrantes, que llegaban en guerras…

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Perhaps we’re all tired of faces pressed against
The glass, fingers clinging to the edges
Standing atop roofs, ready to fall flat
One last time, one last push, one final stand
With backs against walls and many metaphors
More living for the sake of imagery and allusion
Alluding again adds to alliteration
For one mind too tired and tied up in over-thinking

Pushed far too far and with too little to show
But these battle scars which cut skin deep
Red blinking eyes look north and east for an escape
Anywhere but here, within or without a clue
Clearly caring for form beats flavour

Rhythm and meter will meet her as she falls short
Measuring the distance between iambs and I am
Too old for this ship, sailing through rocks and ravines
Glacial pace and taking on water far faster than I ever knew
Was possible. When apathy breeds antipathy…

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Hitchhiking to Cambodia

Hitchhiking to  Cambodia

A dedo en una  Pick - Up Hitchhiking  .

I got up 4 30 am , to go out Bangkok . I took a bus to Changshuo , from there I hitchhiked to Cambodia . It was  fast and easy . Thailand people  cant understand what are you doing . But they are so friendly and they pick you up , with the best smile . A couple drove me ,  half of the way , until the border check point with Cambodia  . I guess , they didnt go there , but they did for  me .

A dedo , en Tailandia . By truck  ,  Thailand .

Once , I got Poipet . In my opinion , its the border check point more corrupt that I have ever seen , so far . It was my forth time . First from Thai side  , they tried to cheat me with the VISA . I knew , you can…

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Hell’s Kitchen 1985

Power Plant Manhole Mania

Power Plant Men

Originally posted February 1, 2013:

It is vitally important that a manhole cover be round. By just being square or even oval, it could mean death to some unsuspecting electrician. You see, only a perfectly round manhole cover will never be able to fall down into a manhole. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t fit a bigger circle through a smaller circle. An oval or square cover could fall through the hole when turned just right but not a round one. A typical cast iron manhole can weigh up to 500 pounds.

Here is a manhole cover turned upside down.  Because of the way it is shaped, when you push the cover over the hole, it falls right into place. Here is a manhole cover turned upside down. Because of the way it is shaped, when you push the cover over the hole, it falls right into place.

Not long after becoming an electrician, and shortly after the Rivers and the Rose story that I mentioned last week, we had a cable really go to…

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Sketch of the day no 511 in my artjournal: 10% of the population are Lefties.


Sketch of the day no 511 in my artjournal: 10% of the population are Lefties. Left handedness runs in the family. We live in a world built for right handed people. I wrote this with my right hand. Feels kinda weird but it turned out ok. Are you a Lefty?

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